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Vahé Oshagan

Vahé Oshagan was an Armenian poet, writer, literary critic. more »

Vahe Stepanyan

Vahe Stepanyan is an Armenian lawyer, Doctor of Laws, who was the first minister of justice of... more »

Vahid Alaghband

Vahid Alaghband is a British-Iranian international commodities trader and entrepreneur based in... more »

Vahid Evazzadeh

Vahid Evazzadeh [ وحید عوض‌زاده ] is an award-winning Iranian filmmaker and theatre director. He... more »

Vahid Motevalli

Vahid Motevelli is professor of mechanical engineering technology. He is the current Head of MET... more »

Vahram Babayan

Vahram Babayan is a contemporary Armenian composer, pianist, and music theorist. He has composed... more »

Vahram Pahlavouni

Vahram Pahlavouni was an Armenian army commander and Prince of Bjni and Nik in Bagratuni... more »

Vai Mangasi Siagian

Vai Mangasi Siagian is the son of Azis Jamrud. more »

Vaibhav Mohite

Vaibhav Mohite was the husband of Sheena Shahabadi. more »

Vaibhav Saxena

Vaibhav Saxena is a music director. He was born on 13 Dec 1986 at Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. more »

Vaidas Mizeras

Vaidas Mizeras is a Lithuanian sprint canoer who competed from the mid-1990s to the early 2000s... more »

Vaidhyanathaswamy Santhanam

Dr.Vaidhyanathaswamy Santhanam is an eminent Indian cotton scientist and former FAO of United... more »


Vaidotas or Wojdat was a son of Kęstutis, Grand Duke of Lithuania. In reliable historical... more »

Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi

Vaidya Suresh Chaturvedi is a leading practitioner of Ayurveda from Rajasthan, India. He is a... more »

Vaidyaratnam P. S. Warrier

Vaidyaratnam P.S. Varier was an Ayurvedic physician from Kerala, India who in 1902 founded... more »

Vaijanath Biradar

Vaijanath Biradar is a veteran actor in the Kannada film industry. He has acted in different... more »

Vaijnath Mangeshkar

Vaijnath Mangeshkar is a son of Bharati Malvankar Mangeshkar and Hridaynath Mangeshkar. more »

Vaikom Padmanabha Pillai

Vaikom Padmanabha Pillai was a militia leader and military officer of the Kingdom of Travancore... more »

Vail M. Delony

Vail Montgomery Delony was a Democratic member of the Louisiana House of Representatives from... more »


Vainius or Voin was the Prince of Polotsk from 1315 to his death. Very little is known about... more »

Väinö Leskinen

Väinö Olavi Leskinen was a Finnish politician, minister and a member of the parliament from... more »

Vaino Olavi Partanen

Chief Warrant Officer Vaino Olavi Partanen was a member of the Canadian Forces and a recipient... more »

Väinö Streng

Väinö Streng was the husband of poet L.Onerva. more »

Vainu Bappu

Manali Kallat Vainu Bappu was an Indian astronomer and president of the International... more »


Vainyagupta was one of the lesser known kings of the Gupta Dynasty. He is known from the... more »

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