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Octav Mayer

Octav Mayer was a Romanian mathematician. more »

Octav Onicescu

Octav Onicescu was a Romanian mathematician, member of the Romanian Academy, and founder of the... more »

Odd Magnus Faltinsen

Odd Magnus Faltinsen is a Norwegian mathematician and professor of marine technology. more »

Oded Schramm

Oded Schramm was an Israeli-American mathematician known for the invention of the... more »


Oenopides of Chios was an ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer, who lived around 450 BCE... more »

Ofra Rechter

Ofra Rechter is a mathematician and the daughter of Hanna Maron and Yaakov Rechter. more »

Olav Kallenberg

Olav Kallenberg, is a probability theorist known for his work on exchangeable stochastic... more »

Ole Barndorff-Nielsen

Ole Eiler Barndorff-Nielsen is a renowned Danish statistician who has contributed to many areas... more »

Oleg Igorevich Marichev

Oleg Igorewitsch Marichev is a Russian mathematician. In 1949 he moved to Minsk with his... more »

Oleg Lupanov

Oleg Borisovich Lupanov was a Soviet and Russian mathematician, dean of the Moscow State... more »

Oleg Tozoni

Oleg V. Tozoni was a scientist, inventor, and a specialist in the field of electro-dynamic and... more »

Oleg Viro

Oleg Viro is a mathematician in the fields of topology and algebraic geometry, most notably real... more »

Oleksandr Mikolaiovich Sharkovsky

Oleksandr Mykolaiovych Sharkovsky is a prominent Ukrainian mathematician most famous for... more »

Oleksiy Pohorielov

Oleksiy Vasyl'evych Pohorielov, was a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician. He was most famous for... more »

Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya

Olga Aleksandrovna Ladyzhenskaya was a Soviet and Russian mathematician. She was known for her... more »

Olga Arsenievna Oleinik

Olga Arsenievna Oleinik was a Soviet mathematician who conducted pioneering work on the theory... more »

Olga Holtz

Olga Holtz is a Russian mathematician specializing in numerical analysis. She received the Sofia... more »

Olga Taussky-Todd

Olga Taussky-Todd was an Austrian and later Czech-American mathematician. Olga Taussky was born... more »

Olimpo Aura Pineda

Olimpo Aura Pineda is the father of actress Marta Aura. more »

Olinde Rodrigues

Benjamin Olinde Rodrigues, more commonly known as Olinde Rodrigues, was a French banker,... more »

Olinthus Gregory

Olinthus Gilbert Gregory was an English mathematician, author and editor. He was born on 29... more »

Olive Hazlett

Olive Clio Hazlett was an American mathematician who spent most of her career working for the... more »

Oliver Heaviside

Oliver Heaviside FRS was a self-taught English electrical engineer, mathematician, and physicist... more »

Oliver Penrose

Oliver Penrose FRS, FRSE is a British theoretical physicist. He is the son of the scientist... more »

Olivier Ramaré

Olivier Ramaré is a French mathematician from CNRS who teaches at the Université des Sciences et... more »

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