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Qādī Zāda al-Rūmī

Qāḍī Zāda al-Rūmī, whose actual name was Salah al-Din Musa Pasha, was a Turkish astronomer and... more »

Qaiser Mushtaq

Qaiser Mushtaq, is a prominent Pakistani mathematician and a renowned academic who has made... more »

Qiang Du

Qiang Du, Verne M. Willaman Professor of Mathematics at Pennsylvania State University, is a... more »

Qin Jiushao

Qin Jiushao, courtesy name Daogu, was a Chinese mathematician. more »

Quintino Sella

Quintino Sella was an Italian statesman and financier. more »

Quirico Filopanti

Giuseppe Barilli, also known under his pseudonym Quirico Filopanti, was an Italian mathematician... more »

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