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E. H. Moore

Eliakim Hastings Moore was an American mathematician. more »

E. J. G. Pitman

Edwin James George Pitman was an Australian mathematician who made significant contributions to... more »

E. L. Elte

Emanuel Lodewijk Elte was a Dutch mathematician. He is noted for discovering and classifying... more »

E. M. Wright

Sir Edward Maitland Wright was an English mathematician, best known for co-authoring Hardy &... more »

E. T. Parker

Ernest Tilden Parker is a professor emeritus of The University of Illinois. He is notable for... more »

E. T. Whittaker

Edmund Taylor Whittaker FRS FRSE was an English mathematician who contributed widely to applied... more »

E. W. Hobson

Ernest William Hobson FRS was an English mathematician, now remembered mostly for his books,... more »

Earle Raymond Hedrick

Earle Raymond Hedrick, was an American mathematician and a vice-president of the University of... more »

Eaton Hodgkinson

Eaton A. Hodgkinson was an English engineer, a pioneer of the application of mathematics to... more »

Ebenezer Cunningham

Ebenezer Cunningham was a British mathematician who is remembered for his research and... more »

Eberhard Hopf

Eberhard Frederich Ferdinand Hopf was a mathematician and astronomer, one of the founding... more »

Eberhard Melchior

Eberhard Melchior is a German mathematician who provided the first proof of Sylvester's line... more »

Eckart Viehweg

Eckart Viehweg was a German mathematician. He was a professor of algebraic geometry at the... more »

Ed Corrigan

Francis Edward "Ed" Corrigan FRS is a British mathematician, theoretical physicist, and... more »

Ed Pegg, Jr.

Ed Pegg, Jr. is an expert on mathematical puzzles and is a self-described recreational... more »

Eddy Campbell

Eddy Campbell is a Canadian mathematician, university professor, and university administrator... more »

Edgar Frisby

Edgar Frisby was an American astronomer, born at Great Easton, Leicestershire, England. He... more »

Edith Hirsch Luchins

Edith Hirsch Luchins was a Polish-American mathematician. Edith Hirsch was married to Abraham S... more »

Edmond Halley

Edmond Halley, FRS was an English astronomer, geophysicist, mathematician, meteorologist, and... more »

Edmond Laguerre

Edmond Nicolas Laguerre was a French mathematician, a member of the Académie française. His main... more »

Edmund Gunter

Edmund Gunter, was an English clergyman, mathematician, geometer and astronomer of Welsh... more »

Edmund Hess

Edmund Hess was a German mathematician who discovered several regular polytopes. more »

Edmund Hlawka

Edmund Hlawka was an Austrian mathematician. He was a leading number theorist. Hlawka did most... more »

Edmund Landau

Edmund Georg Hermann Landau was a German mathematician who worked in the fields of number theory... more »

Edna Kramer

Edna Ernestine Kramer Lassar, born Edna Ernestine Kramer, was an U.S. mathematician and author... more »

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