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V. J. Havel

Václav J. Havel is a Czech mathematician known for his work on realizing a set of integers as a... more »

Václav Chvátal

Václav Chvátal is a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering at... more »

Václav E. Beneš

Václav Edvard "Vic" Beneš is a Czech-American mathematician, known for his contributions to the... more »

Václav Hlavatý

Václav Hlavatý was a noted Czech-American mathematician, who wrote on the theory of relativity... more »

Václav Láska

Václav Láska was a renowned Czech astronomer, geophysicist, and mathematician. He conducted most... more »

Vaclav Zizler

Vaclav Zizler, Ph.D., Dr.Sc., is a Czech mathematics professor specializing in Banach space... more »

Vadim Arsenyevich Efremovich

Vadim Arsen'evič Efremovič was a Soviet mathematician. Efremovič was a member of the Moscow... more »

Vadim G. Vizing

Vadim Georgievich Vizing is a Ukrainian mathematician known for his contributions to graph... more »

Vadym Adamyan

Vadym Movsesovich Adamyan is a Soviet and Ukrainian mathematician and theoretical physicist,... more »

Vagif Guliyev

Prof. Vagif Guliyev is an Azerbaijani mathematician. He was born in Salyan district of... more »

Vahid Tarokh

Vahid Tarokh is an electrical engineer who has contributed to telecommunication, specifically to... more »

Valentin Afraimovich

Valentin Afraimovich is a Soviet, Russian and Mexican mathematician. He has made important... more »

Valentin Naboth

Valentin Naboth, known by the latinized name Valentinus Naiboda, was a German mathematician,... more »

Valentin Poénaru

Valentin Alexandre Poénaru is a Professor of Mathematics at Université de Paris-Sud. He... more »

Valentina Borok

Valentina Mikhailovna Borok was a Soviet Ukrainian mathematician. She is mainly known for her... more »

Valentine Bargmann

Valentine Bargmann was a German born American mathematician and physicist. Born in Berlin,... more »

Valentinus Otho

Valentinus Otho or Valentin Otto was a German mathematician and astronomer. more »

Valery Glivenko

Valery Ivanovich Glivenko was a Ukrainian Soviet mathematician. He worked in foundations of... more »

Van H. Vu

Van H. Vu is a Vietnamese mathematician, Percey F. Smith Professor of Mathematics at Yale... more »

Vance Faber

Vance Faber is a mathematician, known for his work in combinatorics, applied linear algebra and... more »

Vanu Bose

Vanu Bose is the founder and CEO of Vanu, Inc., a firm whose software-based radio technology... more »


Varāhamihira, also called Varaha or Mihir, was an Indian astronomer, mathematician, and... more »

Varghese Mathai

Mathai Varghese is a mathematician and an Australian Research Council Discovery Outstanding... more »

Vasile M. Popov

Vasile Mihai Popov is a leading systems theorist and control engineering specialist. He is well... more »

Vasili Yakovlevich Zinger

Vasili Yakovlevich Zinger was a prominent Russian mathematician, botanist and philosopher. His... more »

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