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R. H. Bing

R. H. Bing was an American mathematician who worked mainly in the areas of geometric topology... more »

R. Stanton Hales

R. Stanton Hales, Jr. is an American mathematician and educator, specializing in combinatorics... more »

R. V. Srinivasa Aiyar

Diwan Bahadur Rishiyur Venkata Srinivasa Aiyar CIE was an Indian civil servant, legislator and... more »

Radha Laha

Radha Govind Laha was a probabilist, statistician, and mathematician, known for his work in... more »

Radhanath Sikdar

Radhanath Sikdar was an Indian mathematician who, among many other things, calculated the height... more »

Rafael Bombelli

Rafael Bombelli was an Italian mathematician. Born in Bologna, he is the author of a treatise on... more »

Rafael E. Núñez

Rafael E. Núñez is a professor of cognitive science at the University of California, San Diego... more »

Raghu Raj Bahadur

Raghu Raj Bahadur was an Indian statistician considered by peers to be "one of the architects of... more »

Ragnar Winther

Ragnar Winther is a Norwegian mathematician. He took his PhD in 1977, and was appointed... more »

Ragni Piene

Ragni Piene is a Norwegian mathematician. Her research is within the field of algebraic... more »

Rahim Gaziyev

Rahim Hasan oglu Gaziyev was Azerbaijani Defense Minister in 1992–1993, in the turmoil of the... more »

Rahul Pandharipande

Rahul Pandharipande is an Indian-American mathematician at the Swiss Federal Institute of... more »

Raimo Hämäläinen

Raimo P. Hämäläinen is a professor of Applied Mathematics and Operations Research at the Aalto... more »

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes

Raimundo Teixeira Mendes was a Brazilian philosopher and mathematician. He is credited with... more »

Rainer Burkard

Rainer Ernst Burkard is an Austrian mathematician. His research interests include discrete... more »

Raj Chandra Bose

Raj Chandra Bose was an Indian American mathematician and statistician best known for his work... more »

Raja Alwis

Vidanelage Pemasiri Rajakaruna De Alwis was a popular Sri Lankan educationist. Regarded as one... more »

Rajeev Motwani

Rajeev Motwani is a Professor of Computer Science at Stanford University, where he also serves... more »

Ralph Abraham

Ralph H. Abraham is an American mathematician. He has been a member of the mathematics... more »

Ralph E. Gomory

Ralph Edward Gomory is an American applied mathematician and executive. Gomory worked at IBM as... more »

Ralph Faudree

Ralph Jasper Faudree is a mathematician, a professor of mathematics and the former provost of... more »

Ralph Fox

Ralph Hartzler Fox was an American mathematician. As a professor at Princeton University, he... more »

Ralph Henstock

Ralph Henstock was an English mathematician and author. As an Integration theorist, he is... more »

Ralph P. Boas, Jr.

Ralph Philip Boas, Jr was a mathematician, teacher, and journal editor. He wrote over 200... more »

Ralph P. Grimaldi

Ralph Peter Grimaldi is an American mathematician specializing in discrete mathematics who is a... more »

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