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Zalman Usiskin

Zalman Usiskin is an educator best known as the Director of the University of Chicago School... more »

Zdzisław Krygowski

Zdzisław Jan Ewangelii Antoni Krygowski was a Polish mathematician, rector of the Lwów... more »

Zdzisław Skupień

Zdzisław Skupień is a Polish mathematician, expert in optimization, discrete mathematics, and... more »

Zeev Nehari

Zeev Nehari was a mathematician who worked on univalent functions and on differential and... more »

Zeng Jiongzhi

Zeng Jiongzhi, also rendered as Chiungtze C. Tsen in English, was a Chinese mathematician born... more »


Zenodorus was an ancient Greek mathematician. more »

Zerah Colburn

Zerah Colburn was a child prodigy of the 19th century who gained fame as a mental calculator. more »

Zhan Tao

Zhan Tao is a Chinese mathematician and president of Jilin University, a post he assumed in... more »

Zhang Heng

Zhang Heng was a Chinese astronomer, mathematician, inventor, geographer, cartographer, artist,... more »

Zhu Shijie

Zhu Shijie, courtesy name Hanqing, pseudonym Songting, was one of the greatest Chinese... more »

Zhu Xiping

Zhu Xiping is a professor of Mathematics at Sun Yat-sen University. more »

Ziauddin Ahmed

Sir Ziauddin Ahmad CIE, MP was an Indian mathematician, parliamentarian, logician, natural... more »

Zinovy Reichstein

Zinovy Reichstein is a Russian-born American mathematician. He is a professor at the University... more »

Zlil Sela

Zlil Sela is an Israeli mathematician working in the area of geometric group theory. He is a... more »

Zoárd Geőcze

Zoárd Geőcze was a Hungarian mathematician famous for his theory of surfaces. He was born August... more »

Zoia Ceaușescu

Zoia Ceaușescu was a Romanian mathematician, the daughter of Communist leader Nicolae and his... more »

Zoltán Pál Dienes

Zoltán Pál Dienes is a Hungarian mathematician whose ideas on the education have been popular in... more »

Zoltán Tibor Balogh

Zoltán "Zoli" Tibor Balogh was a Hungarian-born mathematician, specializing in set-theoretic... more »

Zsolt Baranyai

Zsolt Baranyai was a Hungarian mathematician, working in combinatorics. He graduated from the... more »

Zu Chongzhi

Zu Chongzhi, courtesy name Wenyuan, was a prominent Chinese mathematician and astronomer during... more »

Zu Geng

Zu Gengzhi was a Chinese mathematician. His courtesy name was Jing Shuo and he was sometimes... more »

Zvi Arad

Professor Zvi Arad is an Israeli mathematician and president of Netanya Academic College. more »

Zvi Galil

Zvi Galil is an Israeli computer scientist and mathematician. He is the dean of the Georgia... more »

Zvonimir Janko

Zvonimir Janko is a Croatian mathematician who is the eponym of the Janko groups, sporadic... more »

Zygmunt Janiszewski

Zygmunt Janiszewski was a Polish mathematician. more »

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