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H. C. Hamaker

Hugo Christiaan Hamaker was a Dutch scientist, who was responsible for the Hamaker theory which... more »

H. F. Baker

Henry Frederick Baker FRS was a British mathematician, working mainly in algebraic geometry, but... more »

Habash al-Hasib al-Marwazi

Ahmad ibn 'Abdallah Habash Hasib Marwazi was a Persian astronomer, geographer, and mathematician... more »

Haïm Brezis

Haïm Brezis is a French mathematician who works in functional analysis and partial differential... more »

Hal Abelson

Harold Abelson is a Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at MIT, a fellow of... more »


Halayudha was a 10th-century Indian mathematician who wrote the Mṛtasañjīvanī, a commentary on... more »

Halil Mete Soner

Halil Mete Soner is a Turkish mathematician born in Ankara. After graduating from the Ankara... more »

Hamlet Isakhanli

Hamlet Abdulla oglu Isayev is an Azerbaijani mathematician, poet, science and social science... more »

Hanfried Lenz

Hanfried Lenz was a German mathematician, who is mainly known for his work in geometry and... more »

Hanna Neumann

Johanna Neumann was a German-born mathematician who worked on group theory. more »

Hanno Rund

Hanno Rund was a mathematician. He wrote numerous publications, including perhaps his most... more »

Hans Bruun Nielsen

Hans Bruun Nielsen is mathematician and Associate Professor of Technical University of Denmark... more »

Hans Carl Friedrich von Mangoldt

Hans Carl Friedrich von Mangoldt was a German mathematician who contributed to the solution of... more »

Hans Ferdinand Mayer

Hans Ferdinand Mayer was a German mathematician and physicist and perhaps most notable for the... more »

Hans Freudenthal

Hans Freudenthal was a Dutch mathematician. He made substantial contributions to algebraic... more »

Hans Georg Bock

Hans Georg Bock is a German university professor for mathematics and scientific computing. He is... more »

Hans Georg Feichtinger

Hans Georg Feichtinger is an Austrian mathematician. He is Professor in the mathematical faculty... more »

Hans Grauert

Hans Grauert was a German mathematician. He is known for major works on several complex... more »

Hans Hahn

Hans Hahn was an Austrian mathematician who made contributions to functional analysis, topology,... more »

Hans Hamburger

Hans Ludwig Hamburger was a German mathematician. He was a professor at universities in Berlin,... more »

Hans Heilbronn

Hans Arnold Heilbronn FRS was a mathematician. more »

Hans Lewy

Hans Lewy was a German born American mathematician, known for his work on partial differential... more »

Hans Ludwig de Vries

Hans Ludwig de Vries is an actor. more »

Hans Petersson

Hans Petersson was a German mathematician. He introduced the Petersson inner product and is also... more »

Hans Rademacher

Hans Adolph Rademacher was a German mathematician, known for work in mathematical analysis and... more »

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