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Hans Riesel

Hans Ivar Riesel is a Swedish mathematician who discovered the 18th known Mersenne prime in... more »

Hans Samelson

Hans Samelson was a German American mathematician who worked in differential geometry, topology... more »

Hans Sommer

Hans Sommer was a German composer and mathematician. He was most successful as a composer for... more »

Hans Weinberger

Hans F. Weinberger is an Austrian-American mathematician, known for his contributions to... more »

Hans Werner Ballmann

Hans Werner Ballmann is a German mathematician. His area of research is differential geometry... more »

Hans Zassenhaus

Hans Julius Zassenhaus was a German mathematician, known for work in many parts of abstract... more »

Hans-Egon Richert

Hans-Egon Richert was a German mathematician who worked primarily in analytic number theory. He... more »

Hans-Rudolf Künsch

Hans Rudolf Künsch is a Swiss mathematician and statistician based in Zürich, where he has been... more »

Hansraj Gupta

Hansraj Gupta was an Indian mathematician specialising in number theory, in particular the study... more »

Hao Wang

Hao Wang was a Chinese American logician, philosopher and mathematician. Born in Jinan,... more »

Harald Bohr

Harald August Bohr was a Danish mathematician and football player. After receiving his doctorate... more »

Harald Cramér

Harald Cramér was a Swedish mathematician, actuary, and statistician, specializing in... more »


Harish-Chandra FRS was an Indian American mathematician and physicist who did fundamental work... more »

Harlan J. Brothers

Harlan J. Brothers is an inventor, composer, mathematician, and educator based in Branford,... more »

Harley Flanders

Harley Flanders was an American mathematician, known for several textbooks and contributions to... more »

Harold A. Linstone

Harold Adrian Linstone is a German-American mathematician, consultant, futurist and University... more »

Harold Davenport

Harold Davenport FRS was an English mathematician, known for his extensive work in number theory. more »

Harold Douglas Ursell

Harold Douglas Ursell was an English mathematician who is best known for Ursell function. more »

Harold Jeffreys

Sir Harold Jeffreys, FRS was an English mathematician, statistician, geophysicist, and... more »

Harold Levine

Harold Levine is an American mathematician who is professor emeritus at Stanford university. He... more »

Harold Neville Vazeille Temperley

Harold Neville Vazeille Temperley is a mathematical physicist working on "lattice gases". His... more »

Harold S. Shapiro

Harold Seymour Shapiro is a professor emeritus of mathematics at the Royal Institute of... more »

Harold Schoen

Harold Schoen is a mathematician, educator and former college basketball player. more »

Harold Scott MacDonald Coxeter

Harold Scott MacDonald "Donald" Coxeter, FRS, FRSC, CC was a British-born Canadian geometer... more »

Harold Stark

Harold Mead Stark is an American mathematician, specializing in number theory. He is best known... more »

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