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Helmut Hasse

Helmut Hasse was a German mathematician working in algebraic number theory, known for... more »

Helmut Hofer

Helmut Hofer is a German – American mathematician, one of the founders of the area of symplectic... more »

Helmut Krawinkler

Helmut Krawinkler was John A. Blume Professor in the School of Engineering, Emeritus at Stanford... more »

Helmut Maier

Helmut Maier is a German mathematician. Specializing in number theory, he has made significant... more »

Helmut Ulm

Helmut Ulm was a German mathematician who established the classification of countable periodic... more »

Hendrik Kloosterman

Hendrik Douwe Kloosterman was a Dutch mathematician, known for his work in number theory and in... more »

Hendrik Lenstra

Hendrik Willem Lenstra, Jr. is a Dutch mathematician. more »

Hendrik van Heuraet

Hendrik van Heuraet was a Dutch mathematician. He was noted as one of the founders of the... more »

Hendrik Wade Bode

Hendrik Alfred Bode was an American engineer, researcher, inventor, author and scientist, of... more »

Hendrika Johanna van Leeuwen

Hendrika Johanna van Leeuwen was a Dutch physicist, known for her early contributions to the... more »

Henk Dorgelo

Hendrik Berend Dorgelo was a Dutch physicist and academic. He was the first rector magnificus... more »

Henk van der Vorst

Hendrik "Henk" Albertus van der Vorst is a Dutch mathematician and Emeritus Professor of... more »

Henri Adrien Naber

In 1922, the chemist and science historian, Prof. FM Jaeger, published a book "Cornelis Drebbel... more »

Henri Brocard

Pierre René Jean Baptiste Henri Brocard was a French meteorologist and mathematician, in... more »

Henri Cartan

Henri Paul Cartan was a French mathematician with substantial contributions in algebraic... more »

Henri Cohen

Henri Cohen is a number theorist, and a Professor at the University of Bordeaux. He is best... more »

Henri Darmon

Henri Rene Darmon is a French Canadian mathematician specializing in number theory. He works on... more »

Henri Lebesgue

Henri Léon Lebesgue ForMemRS was a French mathematician most famous for his theory of... more »

Henri Padé

Henri Eugène Padé was a French mathematician, who is now remembered mainly for his development... more »

Henri Poincaré

Jules Henri Poincaré was a French mathematician, theoretical physicist, engineer, and a... more »

Henri Villat

Henri René Pierre Villat was a French mathematician. He was professor of fluid mechanics at the... more »

Henricus Grammateus

Henricus Grammateus was a German mathematician. He was born in Erfurt. In 1507 he started to... more »

Henry Atkinson

Henry Atkinson was a British mathematician and astronomer whose interests extended to economics,... more »

Henry Briggs

Henry Briggs was an English mathematician notable for changing the original logarithms invented... more »

Henry Cabourn Pocklington

Henry Cabourn Pocklington FRS was an English physicist and mathematician. His primary profession... more »

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