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Harold W. Kuhn

Harold William Kuhn was an American mathematician who studied game theory. He won the 1980 John... more »

Harris Flanagin

Harris Flanagin was Governor of Arkansas from November 15, 1862 until May 26, 1865. more »

Harro Heuser

Harro Heuser was a German mathematician. In German speaking countries he is best known for his... more »

Harry Bateman

Harry Bateman FRS was an English mathematician. more »

Harry C. Carver

Harry Clyde Carver was an American mathematician and academic, primarily associated with the... more »

Harry Dym

Professor Harry Dym is a mathematician at the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel. Dym's... more »

Harry Kesten

Harry Kesten is an American mathematician best known for his work in probability, most notably... more »

Harry Lindgren

Harry Lindgren was a British/Australian engineer, linguist and amateur mathematician. He was... more »

Harry Pitt

Sir Harry Raymond Pitt FRS was a British mathematician. Harry Raymond Pitt was born in West... more »

Harry Vandiver

Harry Schultz Vandiver was an American mathematician, known for work in number theory. He was... more »

Hartley Rogers, Jr.

Hartley Rogers, Jr. is a mathematician who has worked in recursion theory, and who is currently... more »

Hartmut Jürgens

Hartmut Jürgens is a German mathematician, born in 1955 in Bremen, Germany. He received his... more »

Harvey Dubner

Harvey Dubner is a retired engineer and mathematician living in New Jersey, noted for his... more »

Harvey Friedman

Harvey Friedman is a mathematical logician at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. He has... more »

Haskell Curry

Haskell Brooks Curry was an American mathematician and logician. Curry is best known for his... more »

Hassan Kamel Al-Sabbah

Hasan Kamel Al-Sabbah sometimes referred to as Camil A. Sabbah, was an electrical and... more »

Hassan Ugail

Professor Hassan Ugail is a mathematician and a computer scientist. He is currently working as a... more »

Hassler Whitney

Hassler Whitney was a mathematician and mountaineer. more »

Hector Munro Macdonald

Hector Munro Macdonald FRS was a Scottish mathematician, born in Edinburgh in 1865. He... more »

Heiko Harborth

Heiko Harborth is Professor of Mathematics at Braunschweig University of Technology,... more »

Heiner Zieschang

Heiner Zieschang was a German mathematician. He was a professor at Ruhr University in Bochum... more »

Heini Halberstam

Heini Halberstam was a British mathematician, working in the field of analytic number theory. He... more »

Heinrich Behmann

Heinrich Behmann was a German mathematician. He performed research in the field of set theory... more »

Heinrich Brandt

Heinrich Brandt was a German mathematician who was the first to develop the concept of... more »

Heinrich Burkhardt

Heinrich Friedrich Karl Ludwig Burkhardt was a German mathematician. He famously was one of the... more »

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