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Hua Luogeng

Hua Luogeng was a Chinese mathematician famous for his important contributions to number theory... more »

Huai-Dong Cao

Huai-Dong Cao is A. Everett Pitcher Professor of Mathematics at Lehigh University. Professor Cao... more »

Huang Daren

Huang Daren, is a Chinese mathematician and the current president of Sun Yat-sen University. more »

Hubert Anson Newton

Hubert Anson Newton was an American astronomer and mathematician, noted for his research on... more »

Hubert Stanley Wall

Hubert Stanley Wall was an American mathematician who worked primarily in the field of continued... more »

Hugh Everett III

Hugh Everett III was an American physicist who first proposed the many-worlds interpretation of... more »

Hugh MacColl

Hugh MacColl was a Scot who trained as a mathematician and became a logician. more »

Hugh Montgomery

Hugh Lowell Montgomery is an American mathematician, working in the fields of analytic number... more »

Hugh Sempill

Hugh Sempill was a Scottish Jesuit mathematician and linguist. He describes himself in his work... more »

Hugo Hadwiger

Hugo Hadwiger was a Swiss mathematician, known for his work in geometry, combinatorics, and... more »

Hugo Steinhaus

Władysław Hugo Dionizy Steinhaus was a Polish mathematician and educator. Steinhaus obtained his... more »

Hyman Bass

Hyman Bass is an American mathematician, known for work in algebra and in mathematics education... more »


Hypatia was an Alexandrine Neoplatonist philosopher in Egypt who was the first well-documented... more »


Hypsicles was an ancient Greek mathematician and astronomer known for authoring On Ascensions... more »

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