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Herman March

Herman William March was a mathematician and physicist. March studied physics and mathematics at... more »

Herman Müntz

Herman Müntz was a German mathematician, now remembered for the Müntz approximation theorem. He... more »

Herman te Riele

Hermanus Johannes Joseph te Riele is a mathematician at CWI in Amsterdam with a specialization... more »

Hermann Brunn

Karl Hermann Brunn was a German mathematician, known for his work in convex geometry and in knot... more »

Hermann Grassmann

Hermann Günther Grassmann was a German polymath, renowned in his day as a linguist and now also... more »

Hermann Hankel

Hermann Hankel was a German mathematician who was born in Halle, Germany and died in Schramberg,... more »

Hermann Künneth

Hermann Lorenz Künneth was a German mathematician and renowned algebraic topologist, best known... more »

Hermann Minkowski

Hermann Minkowski was a Lithuanian-German mathematician. He created and developed the geometry... more »

Hermann Rothe

Hermann Rothe was an Austrian mathematician. Rothe studied at the University of Vienna and the... more »

Hermann Schapira

Zvi Hermann Schapira was a Russian mathematician and Zionist. He was the first to suggest the... more »

Hermann Schubert

Hermann Cäsar Hannibal Schubert was a German mathematician. Schubert was one of the leading... more »

Hermann Schwarz

Karl Hermann Amandus Schwarz was a German mathematician, known for his work in complex analysis... more »

Hermann von Reichenau

Hermann of Reichenau, also called Hermannus Contractus or Hermannus Augiensis or Herman the... more »

Hermann Weyl

Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl, ForMemRS was a German mathematician, theoretical physicist and... more »

Hermann Wilken

Hermann Wilken, also known as Hermann Witekind and with the pseudonym of Augustin Lercheimer,... more »

Hero of Alexandria

Hero of Alexandria was an ancient Greek mathematician and engineer who was active in his native... more »

Herta Freitag

Herta Freitag was an Austrian-American mathematician, a professor of mathematics at Hollins... more »

Hertha Marks Ayrton

Phoebe Sarah Hertha Ayrton was an English engineer, mathematician, physicist, and inventor. She... more »

Hervé Jacquet

Hervé Jacquet is a French American mathematician, working in automorphic forms. He is considered... more »

Herwart von Hohenburg

Hans Georg Herwart von Hohenburg was a Bavarian statesman and scholar, and a patron and... more »

Hidehiko Yamabe

Hidehiko Yamabe was a Japanese mathematician. His most notable work includes the final solution... more »

Hieronymus Georg Zeuthen

Hieronymus Georg Zeuthen was a Danish mathematician. He is known for work on the enumerative... more »

Hieronymus Schreiber

Hieronymus Schreiber, also called Jerôme Schreiber, was a German doctor, mathematician and... more »

Hilary Putnam

Hilary Whitehall Putnam is an American philosopher, mathematician and computer scientist who has... more »

Hilbrand Johannes Groenewold

Hilbrand Johannes Groenewold was a Dutch theoretical physicist who pioneered the largely... more »

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