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Kevin Appel

Kevin Appel is an American artist based in Los Angeles. more »

Kevin Llewellyn

Kevin Llewellyn is an American painter known for his dark ultra realistic life size full body or... more »

Kevin Wasden

Kevin Wasden is a science fiction and fantasy artist, illustrator, and comics artist from Utah... more »

Khosrow Hassanzadeh

Khosrow Hassanzadeh is an Iranian painter. He is known for his "Terrorist" collection. Hassanzade... more »

Kiejstut Bereźnicki

Kiejstut Bereźnicki is a Polish painter. more »

Kika Karadi

Kika Karadi is an American contemporary artist. Currently, she lives and works in New York. She... more »

Kiki Kogelnik

Kiki Kogelnik was an Austrian painter, sculptor and printmaker. Born in a small town in southern... more »

Kilian Zoll

Kilian Christoffer Zoll was a Swedish artist. He belonged to the Düsseldorf school of painting... more »

Kim Klassen

Kim Klassen is a well-known Canadian folk art painter. She started doing craft classes in local... more »

Kim Ondaatje

Kim Ondaatje is a Canadian painter, photographer, and documentary filmmaker. more »

Kin Maung

Kin Maung was a Burmese painter and sponsor of the arts who was influential in the art world of... more »

Kingsley Sambo

Kingsley Sambo was a Rhodesian painter and cartoonist. Sambo was born in Rusape, where he lived... more »

Kinjiro Kida

Kinjiro Kida (1893-1962) was a Japanese painter known for his landscapes. more »

Kiprijonas Maculevičius

Kiprijonas Maculevičius was a Lithuanian architect and painter. more »

Kiyohara Tama

Kiyohara Tama, also known as Kiyohara Otama or O'Tama Chiovara, Eleonora Ragusa, or Ragusa Tama... more »

Kiyokata Kaburagi

Kiyokata Kaburagi was the pseudonym of a Nihonga artist and the leading master of the bijinga... more »

Kjell Erik Killi Olsen

Kjell Erik Killi Olsen is a Norwegian painter and sculptor. He is primarily known for... more »

Kliment Red'ko

Kliment Red'ko or Redko, 15 October 1897 - 18 February 1956 was a Ukrainian-Russian... more »

Knud Bergslien

Knud Larsen Bergslien was a Norwegian painter, art teacher and master artist. In his art, he... more »

Knud Bull

Knud Geelmuyden Bull was a Norwegian painter and counterfeiter. He was convicted for delivering... more »

Knut Ekwall

Knut Ekwall, was a Swedish painter. Ekwall studied from 1860-1866 at the Academy of Arts in... more »

Knute Heldner

Knute Heldner was a Swedish American artist. more »

Kohno Michisei

Kohno Michisei was a Japanese painter, illustrator, and printmaker known for his association... more »

Koji Ishikawa

Koji Ishikawa is a Japanese contemporary artist. though his artwork has been exhibited... more »

Koko Komégné

Koko Komégné is a visual artist based in Douala and he is a promoter of the contemporary art... more »

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