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Koloman Moser

Koloman Moser was an Austrian artist who exerted considerable influence on twentieth-century... more »

Koloman Sokol

Koloman Sokol was one of the most prominent Slovak painters, graphic artists and illustrators... more »

Konrad Grob

Konrad Grob was a Swiss painter. He was born in Andelfingen in the Canton of Zurich and learned... more »

Konrad Ubans

Konrad Ubans was a Latvian painter from Riga. He studied at the Riga Art School and was a member... more »

Konstancija Brundzaitė

Konstancija Brundzaitė was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Konstantin Danil

Konstantin Danil was a renowned Serbian painter of the 19th century. He is most famous for his... more »

Konstantin Flavitsky

Konstantin Dmitriyevich Flavitsky was a Russian painter. His most famous painting is Princess... more »

Konstantin Gorbatov

Konstantin Ivanovich Gorbatov was a Russian post-impressionist painter. Gorbatov was born in... more »

Konstantin Makovsky

Konstantin Yegorovich Makovsky was an influential Russian painter, affiliated with the... more »

Konstantin Rodko

Konstantin Rodko was a Latvian painter who was based in the United States. Rodko's parents were... more »

Konstantin Savitsky

Konstantin Apollonovich Savitsky was a Russian realist painter born in the city of Taganrog in... more »

Konstantin Shtarkelov

Konstantin Georgiev Shtarkelov was a Bulgarian painter. He was born in Sofia and died in... more »

Konstantin Somov

Konstantin Andreyevich Somov was a Russian artist associated with the Mir iskusstva. Born into a... more »

Konstantin Yuon

Konstantin Fyodorovich Yuon or Juon was a noted Russian painter and theatre designer associated... more »

Konstantinos Maleas

Konstantinos Maleas was one of the most important Post-impressionist Greek painters of the 20th... more »

Konstantinos Parthenis

Konstantinos Parthenis born in Alexandria, Egypt was a distinguished Greek painter. Parthenis... more »

Konstantinos Volanakis

Konstantinos Volanakis or Volonakis was a Greek artistic painter, considered one of the best of... more »

Kossa Bokchan

Kossa Bokchan was a Serbian painter who lived in Paris. She married Petar OmAiikus. more »

Kosta Hakman

Kosta Hakman was a 20th-century Yugoslav painter. more »


Dimitri Kourouniotis is an contemporary artist based in San Francisco specializing in abstract... more »

Krayem Awad

Krayem Maria Awad is a Vienna-based painter, sculptor and poet of Syrian origin. He was born in... more »

Krikor Agopian

Krikor Agopian is a Canadian-Armenian painter. As a youth educated in Canada, he took courses on... more »

Kripal Singh Shekhawat

Kripal Singh Shekhawat was a renowned craftsman and ceramist of India. He was famous for his... more »

Kristian Zahrtmann

Peder Henrik Kristian Zahrtmann, known as Kristian Zahrtmann, was a Danish painter. He was a... more »

Kristine Di Grigoli

Before moving to Philadelphia and becoming an associate photographer at Church Street Studios,... more »

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