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Niccolo Laniere

Niccolo Laniere was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, while born in Italy, was active in... more »

Niccolò Musso

Niccolò Musso was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. He was mostly active in his natal... more »

Niccolo Rondinelli

Niccolò Rondinelli was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Ravenna,... more »

Niccolò Semitecolo

Niccolò Semitecolo was a 14th-century Italian painter of the early-Renaissance period, active... more »

Niccolò Tornioli

Niccolo Tornioli was an Italian painter. He was born in Siena in 1598 and was in Rome since... more »

Nicholas Charles Williams

Nicholas Charles Williams English painter and draughtsman. Williams' work draws upon aspects of... more »

Nicholas Evans

Nicholas Evans was a self-taught Welsh artist from Aberdare. His work was signed, and he was... more »

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson

Nicholas Hely Hutchinson is a painter, based in Dorset. Initially influenced by Dufy and... more »

Nicholas Hilliard

Nicholas Hilliard was an English goldsmith and limner best known for his portrait miniatures of... more »

Nicholas Hondrogen

Nicholas Hondrogen was an American painter, photographer, sculptor, and filmmaker. more »

Nicholas Krushenick

Nicholas Krushenick was one of the forerunners of the pop art movement. Krushenick began showing... more »

Nicholas Marsicano

Nicholas Marsicano, American painter and teacher of the New York School, was married to... more »

Nick Gentry

Nicholas James Gentry is a British artist from London. Much of his artistic output has been... more »

Nicodemo Ferrucci

Nicodemo Ferrucci was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome. He was... more »

Nicola di Pietro

Nicola di Pietro was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Tuscany. more »

Nicola Filotesio

Nicola Filotesio was an Italian painter, architect and sculptor of the Renaissance period,... more »

Nicola Malinconico

Nicola Malinconico was a Neapolitan painter of the late-Baroque. He is described as a follower... more »

Nicola Peccheneda

Nicola Peccheneda was an Italian painter of Campania and Basilicata in the second half of the... more »

Nicola Rosini Di Santi

Nicola Rosini Di Santi is a French sculptor and painter. more »

Nicola Verlato

Nicola Verlato is an Italian-American visual artist based in Los Angeles, California. more »

Nicolaas Pieneman

Nicolaas Pieneman was a 19th-century painter and lithographer from the Northern Netherlands. more »

Nicolae Dărăscu

Nicolae Dărăscu was a Romanian painter. He was influenced by Impressionism and Neo-impressionism. more »

Nicolae Grigorescu

Nicolae Grigorescu was one of the founders of modern Romanian painting. more »

Nicolae Tonitza

Nicolae Tonitza was a Romanian painter, engraver, lithographer, journalist and art critic... more »

Nicolae Vermont

Nicolae Vermont was a Romanian realist painter, graphic artist and muralist. He was noted for... more »

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