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Terry Frost

Sir Terry Frost RA was an English abstract artist, who worked in Newlyn, Cornwall. Born in... more »

Terry Hoff

Terry Hoff is an American painter. Hoff’s work has been described as, "abstract with hints of... more »

Terry Marks

Terry Marks is a Stuckist artist in New York City. She was one of the US artists in the show The... more »

Terry Rodgers

Terry Rodgers is an American figurative painter known for his large scale canvases that focus on... more »

Terry Watkinson

Terry Watkinson is an artist, painter, illustrator, and musician. After spending his youth in... more »

Terry Winters

Terry Winters is an American painter, draftsman, and printmaker, whose work reintroduced... more »

Tetsugoro Yorozu

Tetsugorō Yorozu was a Japanese painter, noted for his work in introducing the Avant-garde... more »

Tetsumi Kudo

Tetsumi Kudo more »

Tetsuo Ochikubo

Tetsuo Ochikubo, also known as Bob Ochikubo, was a Japanese-American painter and printmaker who... more »

Tetyana Yablonska

Tetyana Yablonska was a Ukrainian painter. Her early vital pictures are devoted to work and a... more »

Thakor Patel

Thakor Patel is an Indian-born Zimbabwean painter. Patel studied art in the Bombay area,... more »

Thein Han (painter)

Thein Han (painter) was a major Yangon painter of the post-World War II era who produced a... more »

Theo Constanté

Theo Constanté Parra is a master Latin American painter who is part of the Abstract Informalist... more »

Theo Eble

Theo Eble was a Swiss painter. more »

Theo Glinz

Theo Glinz was a Swiss painter. Glinz was born on September 6, 1890 in Lenzburg, Switzerland... more »

Theo Koning

Theo Koning is a Western Australian painter, sculptor, printmaker and art teacher, who for a... more »

Theo van Doesburg

Theo van Doesburg was a Dutch artist, who practised painting, writing, poetry and architecture... more »

Théo van Rysselberghe

Théo van Rysselberghe was a Belgian neo-impressionist painter, who played a pivotal role in the... more »

Theodoor Rombouts

Theodoor Rombouts was a Flemish Baroque painter specializing in Caravaggesque genre scenes of... more »

Theodor Aman

Theodor Aman was a Romanian painter of Armenian descent. His style is often considered to be a... more »

Theodor Hildebrandt

Theodor Hildebrandt, German painter, was born at Stettin. He was a disciple of the painter... more »

Theodor Kotsch

Theodor Kotsch was a German landscape painter. Kotsch was born in Hanover. He went to Munich in... more »

Theodor Martens

Theodor Martens was a 19th-century German artist. Martens was born in Wismar, Germany. he had... more »

Theodor Philipsen

Theodor Philipsen was a Danish painter. Philipsen has been considered an innovator of 19th... more »

Theodor Roos

Theodor Roos was a German Baroque painter of historical scenes. more »

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