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Tommaso Dossi

Tommaso Dossi was an Italian painter of the late-Baroque period, active in Verona. He trained... more »

Tommaso Laureti

Tommaso Laureti, often called Tommaso Laureti Siciliano, was an Italian painter from Sicily who... more »

Tommaso Luini

Tommaso Luini was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, active mainly in Rome during... more »

Tommaso Misciroli

Tommaso Misciroli was an Italian painter of the Baroque period. Also called il Pittor Villano or... more »

Tommaso Realfonso

Tommaso Realfonso was an Italian painter of the 18th century, specializing studies of still-life... more »

Tommaso Redi

Tommaso Redi was an Italian painter, who was active during the late-Baroque in his native... more »

Tommaso Salini

Tommaso Salini was an Italian painter of the early-Baroque period, active in Rome. He is best... more »

Tommaso Sandrino

Tommaso Sandrino was an Italian painter of quadratura painter of the late-Renaissance period,... more »

Tommaso Vincidor

Tommaso di Andrea Vincidor was an Italian Renaissance painter and architect who trained with... more »

Tomory Dodge

Tomory Dodge is an American artist. more »

Tomur Atagok

Tomur Atagok is a Turkish painter and professor. more »

Ton Schulten

Ton Schulten is a Dutch painter who mainly paints landscapes using bright blocks of... more »

Toni Milaqi

Toni Milaqi is a contemporary artist. more »

Toni Onley

Toni Onley OC was a Manx painter noted for his landscapes and abstract works. Born in Douglas on... more »

Tony Bevan

Tony Bevan is a British painter. more »

Tony Juliano

Tony Juliano is a satirist painter in New Haven, Connecticut and is affiliated with the... more »

Tony Lloyd

Tony Lloyd is an Australian contemporary artist. Lloyd's paintings are influenced by cinema, in... more »

Tony Nsofor

Tony Nsofor is a Nigerian painter. more »

Tony O'Malley

Tony O'Malley was a self-taught Irish painter. He was born in Callan, County Kilkenny, Ireland... more »

Tony Robbin

Tony Robbin is an American artist and author, who works with painting, sculpture and computer... more »

Tony Robert-Fleury

Tony Robert-Fleury was a French painter. He was born just outside Paris, and studied under his... more »

Tony Scherman

Tony Scherman is a Canadian painter, living in Toronto. He is known for his use of encaustic and... more »

Toos van Holstein

Toos van Holstein is a Dutch painter with an expressionistic, figurative style. more »

Toros Roslin

Toros Roslin; circa 1210–1270 was the most prominent Armenian manuscript illuminator in the High... more »

Torsten Andersson

Otto Torsten Andersson was a Swedish modernist painter, best known for his theme of the... more »

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