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Eubulides of Miletus was a philosopher of the Megarian school, and a pupil of Euclid of Megara... more »

Euclid of Megara

Euclid of Megara was a Greek Socratic philosopher who founded the Megarian school of philosophy... more »

Eudemus of Rhodes

Eudemus of Rhodes was an ancient Greek philosopher, and first historian of science who lived... more »

Eudoxus of Cnidus

Eudoxus of Cnidus was a Greek astronomer, mathematician, scholar and student of Plato. All of... more »


Euenus of Paros, was a 5th-century BC philosopher and poet who was roughly contemporary with... more »

Eugen Dühring

Eugen Karl Dühring was a German philosopher and economist, a socialist who was a strong critic... more »

Eugen Fink

Eugen Fink was a German philosopher. more »

Eugen Relgis

Eugen D. Relgis was a Romanian writer, pacifist philosopher and anarchist militant, known as a... more »

Eugene Burger

Eugene Burger is an American magician. He was born in 1939 and is based in Chicago, Illinois. He... more »

Eugene Gendlin

Eugene T. Gendlin is an American philosopher and psychotherapist who developed ways of thinking... more »

Eugene Halliday

Eugene Halliday was a British artist, philosopher and teacher. For a large part of his life he... more »

Eugene Kamenka

Eugene Kamenka was born in Cologne in 1928 and taken to Australia in 1937. He was educated at... more »

Eugenio Espejo

Francisco Javier Eugenio de Santa Cruz y Espejo was a medical pioneer, writer and lawyer of... more »


Euphantus of Olynthus was a philosopher of the Megarian school as well as an historian and... more »

Euphrates the Stoic

Euphrates, was an eminent Stoic philosopher, who lived c. 35–118 AD. According to Philostratus,... more »


Eurasianism is a political movement in Russia, formerly within the primarily Russian émigré... more »


Eusebius was a Roman historian, exegete and Christian polemicist. He became the Bishop of... more »

Eusebius of Myndus

Eusebius of Myndus was a 4th-century philosopher, a distinguished Neoplatonist. He is described... more »

Eustathius of Cappadocia

Eustathius of Cappadocia, was a Neoplatonist and Sophist, and a pupil of Iamblichus and... more »

Euthymius of Athos

Euthymius the Athonite was a renowned Georgian philosopher and scholar, also known as Eufimius... more »

Evald Ilyenkov

Evald Vassilievich Ilyenkov was a Marxist author and Soviet philosopher who did original work on... more »


Evander, born in Phocis or Phocaea, was the pupil and successor of Lacydes, and was joint leader... more »

Evander Bradley McGilvary

Evander Bradley McGilvary Ph.D. was an American philosophical scholar, born in Bangkok to... more »

Evelyn Fox Keller

Evelyn Fox Keller is an American physicist, author and feminist. She is currently Professor... more »

Evert Willem Beth

Evert Willem Beth was a Dutch philosopher and logician, whose work principally concerned the... more »

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