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Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson was an American Founding Father, the principal author of the Declaration of... more »

Thomas Metzinger

Thomas Metzinger is a German philosopher. As of 2011 he holds the position of director of the... more »

Thomas Nagel

Thomas Nagel is an American philosopher, currently University Professor of Philosophy and Law at... more »

Thomas of Villanova

St. Thomas of Villanova O.S.A. was a Spanish friar of the Order of Saint Augustine who was a... more »

Thomas of York

Thomas of York was an English Franciscan theologian and scholastic philosopher of the thirteenth... more »

Thomas P. Hughes

Thomas Parke Hughes was an American Historian of Technology. He was an emeritus professor of... more »

Thomas Pangle

Thomas Lee Pangle, FRSC is an American political scientist. He holds the Joe R. Long Chair in... more »

Thomas Pogge

Thomas Winfried Menko Pogge, is a German philosopher and is the Director of the Global Justice... more »

Thomas Reid

Thomas Reid FRSE was a religiously trained Scottish philosopher, a contemporary of David Hume as... more »

Thomas Resch

Thomas Resch was an Austrian Renaissance humanist. He went by the Latin name of Thomas... more »

Thomas Samuel Kuhn

Thomas Samuel Kuhn was an American physicist, historian, and philosopher of science whose... more »

Thomas V. Morris

Thomas V. Morris, also known as Tom Morris and, on social media, tomvmorris, is an American... more »

Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Vaughan was a Welsh philosopher, now remembered for his writings in the area of natural... more »

Thubten Gyatso

Thubten Gyatso was ordained by Lama Thubten Yeshe in the 1970s and was one of the first... more »

Tibor R. Machan

Tibor Richard Machan, Ph.D. is a Hungarian-American philosopher. A professor emeritus in the... more »

Tilman Pesch

Tilman Pesch was a German Jesuit philosopher. more »

Tim Crane

Tim Crane is the founding director of the Institute of Philosophy and a Professor of philosophy... more »

Tim Maudlin

Tim Maudlin is a 2008 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities - Philosophy. more »

Timo Airaksinen

Timo Airaksinen is Professor of Moral Philosophy, and head of department, at the Department of... more »

Timocrates of Lampsacus

Timocrates of Lampsacus was a renegade Epicurean who made it his life's mission to spread... more »

Timon of Phlius

Timon of Phlius was a Greek skeptic philosopher, a pupil of Pyrrho, and a celebrated writer of... more »

Timothy "Speed" Levitch

Timothy "Speed" Levitch is an American actor, tour guide, poet, speaker, philosopher, author and... more »

Timothy Chambers

Timothy Chambers is a philosopher who has written a number of articles which have appeared in... more »

Timothy Smiley

Timothy John Smiley FBA is a British philosopher, appointed Emeritus Knightbridge Professor of... more »

Timothy Sprigge

Timothy L.S. Sprigge was a British idealist philosopher who spent the latter portion of his... more »

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