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Robert Abbott

Robert Abbott is an American game inventor, sometimes referred to by fans as "The Official Grand... more »

Robert Cailliau

Robert Cailliau is a Flemish informatics engineer and computer scientist who, together with Tim... more »

Robert Cook

Robert Cook is a co-founder of Metaweb. He was a software programmer at Brøderbund in the 1980s... more »

Robert Hubbard

Robert Hubbard is a programmer. more »

Robert Love

Robert M. Love is an American author, speaker, Google engineer, and open source software... more »

Robert McCool

Robert M. McCool, mais conhecido por Rob McCool, é um desenvolvedor de software e... more »

Robert S. Harris

Robert S. Harris, nicknamed RoSHa, is the designer and programmer of several 1980s-era games,... more »

Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris is an American computer scientist and entrepreneur. He is best known for... more »

Robert Watson

Robert Nicholas Maxwell Watson is a FreeBSD developer, and founder of the TrustedBSD Project. He... more »

Robert Woodhead

Robert J. Woodhead is an entrepreneur, software engineer and former game programmer. He claims... more »

Robin Moulder

Robin Moulder is an American musician, best known as being one of the founders of the goth-girl... more »

Rodnay Zaks

Rodnay Zaks is a French-born American author of many books on computer programming, including... more »

Roger Hui

Roger Hui is a computer scientist and co-developer of the J programming language. He was born in... more »

Roland McGrath

Roland McGrath est un programmeur de logiciels libres et un hacker GNU . Il est l'auteur de la... more »

Ron Dwight

Ron Dwight was a programmer and coordinator of FidoNet in Europe. Ron Dwight was the coordinator... more »

Ron Gilbert

Ron Gilbert is an American video-game designer, programmer, and producer, best known for his... more »

Ron Jeffries

Ron Jeffries is one of the 3 founders of the Extreme Programming software development... more »

Ronald Dale Harris

Ronald Dale Harris is a computer programmer who worked for the Nevada Gaming Control Board in... more »

Roy Bennett

Roy C. Bennett is an American songwriter known for the songs he wrote with Sid Tepper, which... more »

Russ Nelson

Russell "Russ" Nelson is an American computer programmer. He was a founding board member of the... more »

Russell Yates

Russel Yates is the husband of Andrea Yates who is known for the murder of their five children... more »

Rusty Russell

Paul "Rusty" Russell is an Australian free software programmer and advocate, known for his work... more »

Ryan C. Gordon

Ryan C. Gordon is a computer programmer and former Loki Software employee who is now responsible... more »

Ryan North

Ryan M. North is a Canadian writer, computer programmer, and occasional songwriter who is the... more »

Ryo Kawasaki

Ryo Kawasaki is a pioneering jazz fusion guitarist from Tokyo, Japan. He is best known as one... more »

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