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Abby Lillian Marlatt

Abby Lillian Marlatt was an American educator. Born in Manhattan, Kansas, Marlatt graduated from... more »

Abd El-Razzak El-Sanhuri

Abd el-Razzak el-Sanhuri or ‘Abd al-Razzāq al-Sanhūrī was an Egyptian legal scholar and... more »

Abdoulreza Soudbakhsh

Prof. Abdoulreza Soudbakhsh was an Iranian physician and university professor who examined... more »

Abdul Hafeez

Dr. Abdul Hafeez was a Pakistani weapon scientist and radiochemist. Hafeez was one of the early... more »

Abdul Majid

Dr. Abdul Majid: is a Pakistani astrophysicist and scientist in the field of space technology... more »

Abdul Rasul

Abdul Rasul was an Iraqi nuclear engineer and a nuclear scientist. He was the central figure in... more »

Abdulrahman al-Ansary

Abdulrahman al-Ansary is a former professor of archeology at King Saud University and member of... more »

Abdusalam Abubakar

Abdusalam Abubakar is a Somali-born Irish scientist from Dublin. He was the winner of the 43rd... more »

Abel Hureau de Villeneuve

Dr. Abel Hureau de Villeneuve was an aeronautical experimenter, and ran a major French... more »

Abel Wolman

Abel Wolman was an American inventor, scientist, professor and pioneer of modern sanitary... more »

Abid Qaiyum Suleri

Abid Qaiyum Suleri is a Pakistani social policy analyst and development practitioner. Since 2007... more »

Abraham de Sola

Alexander Abraham de Sola was a Canadian Rabbi, author, Orientalist, and scientist. Originating... more »

Abraham H. Haddad

Abraham H. Haddad is an Israeli control theorist and the Henry and Isabelle Dever Professor in... more »

Abraham Klein

Abraham Klein was an American theoretical physicist. Klein studied at Brooklyn College and at... more »

Abraham Lincoln McCrimmon

Abraham Lincoln McCrimmon was a Canadian academic and Chancellor of McMaster University. Born on... more »

Abraham Trembley

Abraham Trembley was a Swiss naturalist. He is best known for being the first to study... more »

Abraham Vater

Abraham Vater was a German anatomist from Wittenberg. He received his doctorate in philosophy... more »

Abraham Yahuda

Abraham Shalom Yehuda was a Jewish polymath, teacher, writer, researcher, linguist, and... more »

Abu ul-Ala Shirazi

Abu ul-Ala Shirazi lived around the 10th century at the Court of Amir Azud ul-Duleh Bueieh. He... more »

Abul Khair Kashfi

Muhammad Abul Khair Kashfi was an author, researcher, critic, linguist and scholar of Urdu... more »

Abul Lais Siddiqui

Abul Lais Siddiqui is an author, researcher, critic, linguist and scholar of Urdu literature and... more »

Adalbert Czerny

Adalbert Czerny was an Austrian pediatrician and is considered co-founder of modern pediatrics... more »

Adalbert Theodor Michel

Adalbert Theodor Michel was an Austrian lawyer, law professor and rector of Universities in... more »

Adam B. Jaffe

Adam B. Jaffe is Director of Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, in Wellington, New... more »

Adam Bruce Kerr

Adam Kerr is a Senior Research Engineer in the Magnetic Resonance Systems Research Lab (MRSRL)... more »

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