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Adam Cheyer

Adam Cheyer is a co-founder of Siri and formerly a director of engineering in the iPhone group... more »

Adam Christian Thebesius

Adam Christian Thebesius was a German anatomist who was a native of Sandenwalde, Silesia. He... more »

Adam de la Zerda

Adam de la Zerda is Assistant Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University. more »

Adam Elias von Siebold

Adam Elias von Siebold was a German Gynecologist. more »

Adam Frank

Adam Frank is a United States physicist, astronomer and writer. His research focuses on... more »

Adam Hardy

Adam Hardy is an architect and architectural historian, and Professor of Asian Architecture at... more »

Adam Oliner

Adam Jamison Oliner is a postdoctoral scholar in the Department of Electrical Engineering and... more »

Adam Perer

Adam Perer is a research scientist in the Healthcare Analytics team at IBM Research in New York... more »

Adam Possamai

Adam Possamai is a sociologist born in Belgium and living in Australia. Possamai is Associate... more »

Adam Riess

Adam Guy Riess is an American astrophysicist at The Johns Hopkins University and the Space... more »

Adam Schrier

Adam Schrier was a graduate student in Chemistry at Stanford University. more »

Adam Shortt

Adam Shortt, CMG FRSC was an economic historian in Ontario. He was the first full-time employed... more »

Adam T. Smith

Adam T. Smith is a Professor, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University. He is also Faculty... more »

Adam Zamenhof

Adam Zamenhof was a Jewish-Polish physician known for his work on ophthalmology and was the son... more »

Adil Najam

Adil Najam is a Pakistani academic and intellectual, is the former Vice Chancellor of the Lahore... more »

Aditi Shankardass

Aditi Shankardass is an award-winning neuroscientist. Her pioneering clinical work using... more »

Aditya Koolwal

Aditya Koolwal is Product Manager at Facebook. Prior to that he was Mobile Products Lead at... more »

Adlène Hicheur

Adlène Hicheur is a particle physicist with dual Algerian and French citizenship. After his... more »

Adolf Aron Baginsky

Adolf Aron Baginsky was a Jewish-German professor of diseases of children at Berlin University... more »

Adolf Bastian

Adolf Bastian was a 19th-century polymath best remembered for his contributions to the... more »

Adolf Berle

Adolf Augustus Berle, Jr. was a lawyer, educator, author, and U.S. diplomat. He was the author... more »

Adolf Erman

Johann Peter Adolf Erman was a renowned Egyptologist and lexicographer. more »

Adolf Ernst

Adolf Ernst was a Prussian born scientist. Ernst settled in Venezuela in 1861, where he taught... more »

Adolf Friedrich Stenzler

Adolf Friedrich Stenzler was a German Indologist who was a native of Wolgast. He initially... more »

Adolf Kiessling

Adolf Kiessling was a German philologist born in Culm. He studied at the University of Bonn... more »

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