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Frederick Jelinek

Frederick Jelinek was a Czech American researcher in information theory, automatic speech... more »

Frederick Lowy

Frederick Hans Lowy, OC is a Canadian medical educator and former President and Vice-Chancellor... more »

Frederick Neuhouser

Frederick Neuhouser is the Viola Manderfeld Professor of German and a Professor of Philosophy at... more »

Frederick Stratten Russell

Sir Frederick Stratten Russell FRS was an English marine biologist. Russell was born in... more »

Frederick Twort

Frederick William Twort FRS was an English bacteriologist and was the original discoverer in... more »

Frederick Valentine Melsheimer

The Reverend Frederick Valentine Melsheimer was a Lutheran clergyman and early American... more »

Frederick W. True

Frederick William True was an American biologist, the first head curator of biology at the... more »

Frederik H. Kreuger

Frederik Hendrik Kreuger, is a Dutch high voltage scientist and inventor, lives in Delft, the... more »

Fredrik Dahl

Fredrik Dahl joined Halo Genomics from Ion Torrent Systems where he served as Senior Scientist... more »

Fredrik Georg Gade

Fredrik Georg Gade was a Norwegian physician. more »

Fredrik Hasselqvist

Fredrik Hasselquist was a Swedish traveller and naturalist. Hasselquist was born at Törnevalla,... more »

Friedel Sellschop

Jacques Pierre Friederich Sellschop was a South African scientist and pioneer in the field of... more »

Friedrich Adalbert Maximilian Kuhn

Friedrich Adalbert Maximilian Kuhn was a German botanist. He went by the name "Max," and his... more »

Friedrich Albrecht Anton Meyer

Friedrich Albrecht Anton Meyer was a German doctor and naturalist. His academic thesis in... more »

Friedrich August Berthold Nitzsch

Friedrich August Berthold Nitzsch was a German theologian. The son of Karl Immanuel Nitzsch, he... more »

Friedrich August Eckstein

Friedrich August Eckstein was a German classical philologist and educator born in Halle an der... more »

Friedrich August Wolf

Friedrich August Wolf was a German philologist and critic. more »

Friedrich Bidder

Georg Friedrich Karl Heinrich von Bidder was a Baltic German physiologist and anatomist from... more »

Friedrich Blass

Friedrich Blass was a German classical scholar. After studying at Göttingen and Bonn from 1860... more »

Friedrich Blume

Friedrich Blume was professor of Musicology in Kiel University from 1938-1958. He was a student... more »

Friedrich Carl von Savigny

Friedrich Carl von Savigny was a famous 19th-century jurist and historian. more »

Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann

Friedrich Christoph Dahlmann was a German historian and politician. more »

Friedrich Delitzsch

Friedrich Delitzsch was a German Assyriologist. He was the son of Lutheran theologian Franz... more »

Friedrich Gaedcke

Friedrich Georg Carl Gaedcke was a German chemist. He was the first person to isolate the... more »

Friedrich Goltz

Friedrich Leopold Goltz was a German physiologist and nephew of the writer Bogumil Goltz. He... more »

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