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Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker

Friedrich Gottlieb Welcker was a German classical philologist and archaeologist. more »

Friedrich Gottlob Schulze

Friedrich Gottlob Schulze was a German economist. more »

Friedrich Groos

Friedrich Groos was a German physician and philosopher born in Karlsruhe. Initially a student of... more »

Friedrich Heinrich von der Hagen

Friedrich Heinrich von der Hagen was a German philologist, chiefly distinguished for his... more »

Friedrich Hopfner

Friedrich Hopfner was an Austrian geodesist, geophysicist and planetary scientist. As an officer... more »

Friedrich Immanuel Niethammer

Friedrich Philipp Immanuel Niethammer was a German theologian, religious philosopher and... more »

Friedrich Johann Karl Becke

Friedrich Johann Karl Becke was an Austrian mineralogist and petrograph. more »

Friedrich Julius Stahl

Friedrich Julius Stahl, German constitutional lawyer and politician, was born at Würzburg, of... more »

Friedrich Katz

C. Friedrich Katz was an Austrian-born anthropologist and historian specialized in 19th and 20th... more »

Friedrich Kessler

Friedrich Kessler was an American law professor who taught at Yale Law School, University of... more »

Friedrich Kraus

Friedrich Kraus was an Austrian internist. He was born in Bodenbach, Bohemia and died in Berlin... more »

Friedrich Leo

Friedrich Leo was a German classical philologist born in Regenwalde, in the then-province of... more »

Friedrich Loeffler

Friedrich August Johannes Loeffler was a German bacteriologist at the University of Greifswald. more »

Friedrich Marx

Friedrich Marx was a German classical philologist born in Bessungen — today part of the city of... more »

Friedrich Meggendorfer

Friedrich Meggendorfer was a German psychiatrist and neurologist. more »

Friedrich Oskar Giesel

Friedrich Oskar Giesel was a German organic chemist. During his work in a quinine factory in the... more »

Friedrich Paneth

Friedrich Adolf Paneth was an Austrian-born British chemist. Fleeing the Nazis, he escaped to... more »

Friedrich Raschig

Friedrich August Raschig was a German chemist and politician. He was born in Brandenburg an der... more »

Friedrich Schlemm

Friedrich Schlemm was a German anatomist who was professor at the University of Berlin. He was... more »

Friedrich Schultze

Friedrich Schultze was a German neurologist who was a native of Rathenow, Brandenburg. He is... more »

Friedrich Schwally

Friedrich Zacharias Schwally was a German Orientalist with professorships at Strasbourg, Gießen... more »

Friedrich Sigmund Merkel

Friedrich Sigmund Merkel was a leading German anatomist and histopathologist of the late 19th... more »

Friedrich Solmsen

Friedrich W. Solmsen was a philologist and professor of classical studies. He published nearly... more »

Friedrich Theodor von Frerichs

Friedrich Theodor von Frerichs was a German pathologist born in Aurich. After earning his... more »

Friedrich Tinner

Friedrich Tinner, also known as Fred Tinner; Born 1937, is a Swiss nuclear engineer and a... more »

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