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Jakab Fellner

Jakab Fellner was the most important Baroque architect of his generation in Hungary. more »

Jakob Heilmann

Jakob Heilmann was a German contractor. Son of a glazier, Heilmann attended the construction... more »

Jakob Nikolayevich Popov

Jakob Nikolayevich Popov was a Russian architect. His most noted work is the Demidovsky Pillar. more »

Jakob Tigges

Jakob Tigges is a "young German architect and academic who became known through a series of... more »

Jakub Auguston

Jakub Auguston jr. was an important baroque architect in Plzeň and west Bohemia. His works... more »

Jakub Bursa

Jakub Bursa was a famous Czech architect, folk artist and builder of Bohemian Rustic Baroque... more »

Jakub Krčín

Jakub Krčín was a prominent Czech Renaissance architect and engineer. Krčín was born in Kolín... more »

Jakub Kubicki

Jakub Kubicki was a renowned Polish classicist architect and designer. One of the most renowned... more »

Jákup Pauli Gregoriussen

Jákup Pauli Gregoriussen is the leading architect of the Faroe Islands. He is also a graphic... more »

James A. Johnson

James Addison Johnson was a Buffalo, New York architect known for his design of various... more »

James A. Wetmore

James A. Wetmore was an American lawyer and administrator, best known as the Acting Supervising... more »

James Adam

James Adam was a Scottish architect and furniture designer, but was often overshadowed by his... more »

James Augustus Suydam

James Augustus Suydam architect, lawyer, and artist; as an artist was considered one of the... more »

James B. Cook

James B. Cook was an English-trained architect who worked in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1800s. He... more »

James Balfour

James Balfour, is an architect. Son of Peter Balfour, Hamilton alderman and carpenter. Educated... more »

James Barnet

James Johnstone Barnet was the Colonial Architect for Colonial New South Wales, serving from... more »

James Beard

James Albert "Jim" Beard is a significant Wellington architect, town planner, and landscape... more »

James Biber

James Biber is an architect and partner in the firm Biber Architects, based in New York. more »

James Birrell

James Birrell is a retired architect responsible for the design of significant buildings in... more »

James Blackburn

James Blackburn was an English civil engineer, surveyor and architect best known for his work in... more »

James Bloodsworth

James Bloodsworth was a convict sentenced for the theft of one game cock and two hens at Esher,... more »

James Bogardus

James Bogardus was an American inventor and architect, the pioneer of American cast-iron... more »

James Bouillé

James Bouillé was a French architect based in Brittany. more »

James Bridges

James Bridges was an architect and civil engineer working in Bristol between 1757 and 1763. He... more »

James Brooks

James Brooks was an English Gothic Revival architect. more »

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