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Jean Fombertaux

Jean Fombertaux was a French émigré architect who spent most of his career designing buildings... more »

Jean Giral

Jean Antoine Giral was a French architect from Montpellier. He designed a number of buildings... more »

Jean Guillaume

Jean Guillaume is the husband of Genevieve Grad. more »

Jean Nouvel

Jean Nouvel is a French architect. Nouvel studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris and was a... more »

Jean Prouvé

Jean Prouvé was a French metal worker, self-taught architect and designer. His main achievement... more »

Jean Tschumi

Jean André Tschumi was a Swiss architect and professor at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de... more »

Jean-Antoine Alavoine

Jean-Antoine Alavoine was a French architect best known for his column in the Place de la... more »

Jean-Antoine Morand

Jean-Antoine Morand was a French architect and urban planner whose plan circulaire "reimagined"... more »

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond

Jean-Baptiste Alexandre Le Blond was a French architect and garden designer who became the chief... more »

Jean-Baptiste Bethune

Jean-Baptiste Bethune was a Belgian architect, artisan and designer who played a pivotal role in... more »

Jean-Baptiste Chaussard

Jean-Baptiste Chaussard was a French architect to the king, associated with Pierre Contant... more »

Jean-Baptiste Fleuriot-Lescot

Jean-Baptiste Edmond Fleuriot-Lescot or Lescot-Fleuriot was a Belgian architect, sculptor and a... more »

Jean-Baptiste Lepère

Jean-Baptiste Lepère was a French architect, father-in-law of the architect Jacques Hittorff. He... more »

Jean-Baptiste Martenot

Jean-Baptiste Martenot, was a French architect, born in Bourgogne, in the city of Rennes. The... more »

Jean-Baptiste Rondelet

Jean-Baptiste Rondelet was an architectural theorist of the late Enlightenment era and chief... more »

Jean-Baptiste Schacre

Jean-Baptiste Schacre was a French architect. more »

Jean-Baptiste Vallin de la Mothe

Jean-Baptiste Michel Vallin de la Mothe was a French architect whose major career was spent in... more »

Jean-Benoît-Vincent Barré

Jean Benoît Vincent Barré was a French architect. He was one of the most important architects of... more »

Jean-Camille Formigé

Jean-Camille Formigé was a French architect. His son was Jules Formigé. more »

Jean-Charles Alphand

Jean-Charles Adolphe Alphand, born in 1817 and died in 1891, interred at Père Lachaise Cemetery,... more »

Jean-Charles Moreux

Jean-Charles Moreux was a French architect, and a representative of a rigorous and poetic... more »

Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier

Jean-Claude Nicolas Forestier was a French landscape architect, trained with Alphand and became... more »

Jean-François Leroy

Jean-François Leroy was a French architect. For the Prince of Condé, he worked on the Château of... more »

Jean-François Thomas de Thomon

Jean-François Thomas de Thomon was a French neoclassical architect who worked in Eastern Europe... more »

Jean-François Zevaco

Jean-François Zevaco was a French-Moroccan architect. Born in Casablanca, he studied at the... more »

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