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Johan Otto von Spreckelsen

Johan Otto von Spreckelsen was a Danish architect. He was born in Viborg and studied at the... more »

Johan van der Mey

Johan Melchior van der Mey was a Dutch architect best known for the landmark Scheepvaarthuis... more »

Johann Adam Breunig

Johann Adam Breunig was a German Baroque architect. After the Nine Years' War, the Elector... more »

Johann Balthasar Neumann

Johann Balthasar Neumann, usually known as Balthasar Neumann, was a German military artillery... more »

Johann Baptist Martinelli

Johann Baptist Martinelli or Giovanni Battista Martinelli was an Austrian architect and... more »

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach

Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach was an Austrian architect, sculptor, and architectural... more »

Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe

Johann Carl Friedrich Dauthe was a German architect and etcher who specialised in the... more »

Johann Caspar Bagnato

Johann Caspar Bagnato, also known as Giovanni Caspare Bagnato, was born in Landau in the... more »

Johann Christian Kammsetzer

Johann Christian Kammsetzer or Jan Chrystian Kamsetzer was a Dresden-born architect who was... more »

Johann Christian Schuch

Johann Christian Schuch was a Dresden-born garden designer and architect, active in Poland. more »

Johann Christoph Glaubitz

Johann Christoph Glaubitz was an architect of German descent who is generally considered to be... more »

Johann Dientzenhofer

Johann Dientzenhofer was a builder and architect during the Baroque period in Germany. Johann... more »

Johann Felsko

Johann Daniel Felsko, was an architect, urban planner and the chief architect of Riga for 35... more »

Johann Friedrich Höger

Johann Friedrich Höger was a German architect from Bekenreihe, Steinburg, Schleswig-Holstein in... more »

Johann Georg Specht

Johann Georg Specht was born in Lindenberg im Allgäu. He was a civil engineer and architect in... more »

Johann George Schmidt

Johann George Schmidt or Johann Georg Schmid was a German architect of the Dresden Baroque. He... more »

Johann Hattey

Johann Evangelist Hattey was an Austrian architect born in Vienna. His father, also born in... more »

Johann Jakob Stehlin-Burckhardt

Johann Jakob Stehlin-Burckhardt war ein Schweizer Architekt. Er war der Sohn des Architekten... more »

Johann Joseph Couven

Johann Joseph Couven was a German Baroque architect. He was born in Aachen, where he also died... more »

Johann Joseph Thalherr

Johann Joseph Thalherr, also known as Czech: Jan Josef Talherr or Hungarian: József Talherr, was... more »

Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt

Johann Lukas von Hildebrandt was an Austrian baroque architect and military engineer who... more »

Johann Michael Fischer

Johann Michael Fischer was a German architect in the late Baroque period. Fischer was born in... more »

Johann Parler

Johann Parler the Younger, was a Bohemian architect of German origin. Johann Parler comes from... more »

Johannes Brinkman

Johannes Andreas Brinkman, also known as Jan Brinkman, was a Dutch architect and exponent of... more »

Johannes Emil Gnudtzmann

Johannes Emil Gnudtzmann was a Danish architect working in the Historicist style. His most... more »

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