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John H. Edelmann

John H. Edelmann was a socialist-anarchist who worked as an architect in the office of Alfred... more »

John H. Felt

John H. Felt was an architect who designed many churches, schools, and government buildings in... more »

John Hancock

John Hancock, naturalist, ornithologist, taxidermist and landscape architect. He is considered... more »

John Harbeson

John Frederick Harbeson was a Philadelphia architect and a long-time architecture professor at... more »

John Harris,

John Harris was a military surgeon and magistrate who became one of the earliest major... more »

John Harry Grainger

John Harry Grainger was a British-born architect and civil engineer who emigrated to Australia... more »

John Haviland

John Haviland was an English-born architect who was a major figure in American Neo-Classical... more »

John Hawes

Right Reverend Monsignor John Cyril Hawes was an architect and priest. Hawes was known for... more »

John Hayes

John Hayes is an architect. more »

John Hejduk

John Quentin Hejduk was an American architect, artist and educator of Czech origin who spent... more »

John Henderson

John Henderson was a Scottish architect. He is chiefly remembered as an ecclesiastical and... more »

John Henry Chamberlain

John Henry Chamberlain, generally known professionally as J H Chamberlain, was a... more »

John Henry Devereux

John Henry Devereux, also called John Delorey before 1860, was an American architect and builder... more »

John Henslow

Sir John Henslow was Surveyor to the Navy a post he held jointly or solely from 1784 to 1806. more »

John Holden Greene

John Holden Greene was a noted early 19th century Federal Period architect practicing in... more »

John Horbury Hunt

John Horbury Hunt was a Canadian-born architect who worked in Sydney, Australia and rural New... more »

John Howey

John Howey is a Florida architect known as part of the group of architects at work since 1965... more »

John Hubbard Sturgis

John Hubbard Sturgis was an American architect active in the Boston area. more »

John Hughes

John Hughes was a British architect. In 1932 he won a gold medal in the art competitions of the... more »

John Isaac Thornycroft

Sir John Isaac Thornycroft was a British shipbuilder, the founder of the Thornycroft... more »

John J. Wafering

J.J. Wafering was a passenger onboard American Airlines flight 383. He was killed in the crash... more »

John Jacob Zink

John Jacob Zink was an American architect who designed movie houses in Washington, D.C., and... more »

John James

John James was a British architect particularly associated with Twickenham in west London, where... more »

John James Burnet

Sir John James Burnet FRSE FRIBA RSA RA was a Scottish Edwardian architect who was noted for a... more »

John James Clark

John James Clark, an Australian architect, was born in Liverpool, England. Clark’s 30 years in... more »

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