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John Beswicke

John Beswicke was an architect and licensed surveyor operating in Melbourne between 1882 and... more »

John Billing

John Billing, FRIBA was an architect from Reading, Berkshire. His grandfather Richard Billing,... more »

John Black Lee

John Black Lee is one of the few living modern architects in New Canaan, Connecticut. His... more »

John Boldeman

Prof. Dr. John Boldeman is an Australian nuclear scientist and recipient of the 2007 ANZAAS... more »

John Booth

John Booth was a British architect and surveyor. In 1817 he remodelled St George's Church, Queen... more »

John Bowden

John Bowden was an Irish architect and member of the Board of First Fruits of the Church of... more »

John Bradshaw Gass

John Bradshaw Gass was a British architect and artist. more »

John Brandon-Jones

John Brandon-Jones was a British architect. His work was heavily influenced by the Arts and... more »

John Brown

John Brown was a 19th-century architect working in Norwich, in the county of Norfolk, England.He... more »

John Buckler

John Buckler, Snr was a British artist and occasional architect who is best remembered for his... more »

John Buonarotti Papworth

John Buonarotti Papworth was a prolific architect, artist and a founder member of the Royal... more »

John Burgee

John Burgee is an American architect noted for his contributions to Postmodern architecture. He... more »

John Burley Waring

John Burley Waring was an English architect. more »

John Burnet

John Burnet was a Scottish architect who lived and practised in Glasgow. He was born the son of... more »

John Byers

John Winford Byers was a Santa Monica architect and builder noted for use of the Spanish... more »

John C. Austin

John Corneby Wilson Austin was an architect and civic leader who participated in the design of... more »

John C. Cochrane

John Crombie Cochrane was a prominent architect in the 19th century practicing in Chicago,... more »

John C. Harkness

John Cheesman Harkness is an American architect who was a founder and partner of The Architects... more »

John C. Lahey

John Lahey, AIA, is an American architect who serves as Chairman and a Principal in Charge of... more »

John C. Lindsay

John C. Lindsay was the spouse of June Lockhart. more »

John C. Lindsay

John C. Lindsay was an architect and husband of Diana Lynn. more »

John C. Parkin

John Cresswell Parkin, CC OOnt was a Canadian architect and urban planner. He received his... more »

John C. Portman, Jr.

John Calvin Portman, Jr. is an American architect and real estate developer widely known for... more »

John Calvin Stevens

John Calvin Stevens was an American architect who worked in two related styles — the Shingle... more »

John Cameron Greenleaf

John Cameron Greenleaf, AIA, was an American architect based in New York City who practiced in... more »

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