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Jens Gram Dunker

Jens Gram Dunker was a Norwegian architect. Born in Christiania, he took architectural education... more »

Jens Jensen

Jens Jensen was a Danish-American landscape architect. Jens Jensen worked with famed architect... more »

Jens Zetlitz Monrad Kielland

Jens Zetlitz Monrad Kielland was a Norwegian architect. more »

Jeremiah O'Rourke

Jeremiah O'Rourke, FAIA, was an Irish-American architect known primarily for his designs of... more »

Jerónimo Balbás

Jerónimo Balbás was a Spanish architect active during the 18th century. He created the... more »

Jerry Pate

Jerome Kendrick "Jerry" Pate is an American professional golfer. Jerry Pate was born in Macon,... more »

Jerzy Sołtan

Jerzy Sołtan Born on March 6, 1913 in Prezma, died September 16, 2005 in Cambridge, MA; was a... more »

Jesse Hartley

Jesse Hartley was Civil Engineer and Superintendent of the Concerns of the Dock Estate in... more »

Jesse James Garrett

Jesse James Garrett is a user experience designer based in San Francisco, California and... more »

Jesse Keyes

Jesse Keyes is an American, New York City based, design entrepreneur. He developed One 7th... more »

Jessica Farrar

Jessica Christina Farrar is a United States politician and an incumbent in the Texas House of... more »

Jesús Eduardo Amaral

Jesús Eduardo Amaral FAIA is a Puerto Rican architect and educator. As partner in the firm... more »

Jim Conrad

Jim Conrad is the father of Lauren Conrad. more »

Jim Maliksi

Jim Maliksi is an architect and film producer. more »

Jim Olson

Jim Olson, FAIA is the founding principal of the Seattle-based firm Olson Kundig Architects. He... more »

Jim Roberts

Jim Roberts is an English architect, known for the Rotunda in Birmingham, England, from which he... more »

Jim Schellinger

Jim Schellinger is the active President of CSO Architects in Indianapolis, Indiana. On March 19,... more »

Jimenez Lai

Jimenez Lai is an Assistant Professor at University of Illinois at Chicago. He is also the... more »

Jimmi Seiter

Jimmi Seiter has worked as a musician, tour manager, artist manager, music producer, sound... more »

Jimmy Powell

Jimmy Powell is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour in the 1960s and... more »

Jiří Svoboda

Akad. arch. Jiří Svoboda, PhD. is a Czech architect, designer, and university teacher. Besides... more »

Jo Coenen

Jo Coenen is a Dutch architect and urban planner. He studied architecture at the Eindhoven... more »

Jo van den Broek

Johannes Hendrik van den Broek, was a Dutch architect influential in the rebuilding of Rotterdam... more »

Joachim Carvallo

Joachim Carvallo was a Spanish-born doctor and medical researcher in France best known as the... more »

Joachim Daniel von Jauch

Joachim Daniel von Jauch was a German architect who supervised the baroque development of the... more »

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