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Karl Gildemeister

Karl Gildemeister was a German architect. more »

Karl Jonas Mylius

German architect. more »

Karl Kamrath

Karl Kamrath was an American architect and tennis player. He, along with Frederick James MacKie,... more »

Karl Linn

Karl Linn was a landscape architect, psychologist, educator, and community activist, best known... more »

Karl Mayreder

Karl Mayreder was an Austrian architect. more »

Karl Moser

Karl Moser was an architect from Switzerland. Between 1887 and 1915 he worked together with... more »

Karl Schwanzer

Karl Schwanzer was an Austrian architect. He was an important figure of post-war architecture. more »

Karl Troll

Karl Troll was an Austrian architect. Karl Troll was the son of a carpenter from a small village... more »

Karl Völker

Karl Völker was a German architect and painter associated with the New Objectivity movement. He... more »

Karl von Fischer

Karl [Carl] von Fischer was a German architect. His drafts had enormous influence on the... more »

Karol Podczaszyński

Karol Podczaszyński was a Polish architect, a representative of the neoclassical architecture... more »

Karol Schayer

Karol Schayer was a Polish architect and soldier. He was a designer of representative buildings... more »

Karsten Johansson

Karsten Johansson is an architect and actor. He is the father of Scarlett Johansson. more »

Kas Oosterhuis

Kas Oosterhuis is professor at the Faculty of Architecture, Delft University of Technology, as... more »

Katayama Tōkuma

Katayama Tōkuma was a Japanese architect who designed the original buildings for the Imperial... more »

Kate Sessions

Katherine Olivia "Kate" Sessions was an American botanist, horticulturalist, and landscape... more »

Kathryn Gustafson

Kathryn Gustafson is an American landscape architect. Her work includes the Gardens of the... more »

Kathy Conrad

Kathy Conrad is the mother Lauren Conrad. more »

Katrin Koov

Katrin Koov is an Estonian architect. Koov was born in Tallinn. She graduated from the... more »

Katsumi Yamamoto

Katsumi Yamamoto was an architect. more »

Kausar Bashir Ahmed

Prof. Kausar Bashir Ahmad was a Pakistani architect, townplanner and educationist. He had... more »

Kay Fisker

Kay Otto Fisker was a Danish architect, designer and educator. He is most known for his many... more »

Kazuo Shinohara

Kazuo Shinohara was a highly influential Japanese architect, forming what is now widely known as... more »

Kazuyo Sejima

Kazuyo Sejima is a Japanese architect. After studying at Japan Women's University and working at... more »

Kazys Varnelis

Kazys Varnelis is a historian and theorist of architecture, specialising in network culture. He... more »

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