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Bob Katz

Bob Katz is an audio mastering engineer and author of a popular book on audio mastering. Katz... more »

Bob Lyon

Bob Lyon, an American politician, is a former Kansas State Senator from the city of Winchester... more »

Bob McCullough

Robert Bob McCullough OAM is a leading Australian sport administrator particularly in the area... more »

Bob Mellish, Baron Mellish

Robert Joseph Mellish, Baron Mellish, PC was a British politician. He was a long-serving Labour... more »

Bob Weston

Bob Weston is an American musician, producer, recording engineer, and record mastering engineer... more »

Bob Widlar

Robert John Widlar was an American electrical engineer and a pioneer of linear integrated... more »

Bohdan Kulakowski

Bohdan Kulakowski was professor of mechanical engineering, Department of Mechanical and Nuclear... more »

Bonnie J. Dunbar

Bonnie Jeanne Dunbar is a former NASA astronaut. She retired from NASA in September 2005. She... more »

Boone Spooner

Boone Spooner is the son of Bill Spooner and a music producer. more »

Boris Chertok

Boris Evseyevich Chertok was a prominent Soviet and Russian rocket designer, responsible for... more »

Boris Delibash

Boris Apostolovich Delibash was a Soviet scientist and power engineering specialist. He was born... more »

Boris Gostev

Boris Ivanovich Gostev was a Soviet Minister of Finance from 1985 to 1989. more »

Boris Grabovsky

Boris Pavlovich Grabovsky was a Soviet engineer who invented the a fully electronic TV... more »

Boris Kerner

Boris S. Kerner is the pioneer of the much-discussed three-phase traffic theory. more »

Boris Lisunov

Boris Pavlovich Lisunov was a Soviet aerospace engineer. more »

Boris Mikhailov

Boris Andreyevich Mikhailov is a fine art photographer who has been described as one of the most... more »

Boris Rosing

Boris Lvovich Rosing was a Russian scientist and inventor in the field of television. more »

Boris Smeds

Boris Smeds is a Swedish radio engineer and European Space Agency employee, noted for detecting... more »

Boris Vian

Boris Vian was a French polymath: writer, poet, musician, singer, translator, critic, actor,... more »

Boris Volynov

Boris Valentinovich Volynov is a Soviet cosmonaut who flew two space missions of the Soyuz... more »

Borys Paton

Borys Yevhenovych Paton is the long-term chairman of the National Academy of Sciences of... more »

Bowman Malcolm

Bowman Malcolm was an Irish railway engineer. He became Locomotive Superintendent of the Belfast... more »

Boyd Coddington

Boyd Leon Coddington was an American hot rod designer, the owner of the Boyd Coddington Hot Rod... more »

Brad Carvey

Bradley William "Brad" Carvey is an American engineer best known as the builder of the first... more »

Brad Tapper

Brad Tapper is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey right winger who played in the... more »