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Émile Baudot

Jean-Maurice-Émile Baudot, French telegraph engineer and inventor of the first means of digital... more »

Émile Dewoitine

Émile Dewoitine was a French aviation industrialist. more »

Émile Girardeau

Émile Girardeau was a French engineer, famous for being the first person to patent the original... more »

Émile Mayrisch

Jacob Émile Albert Mayrisch was a Luxembourgian industrialist and businessman. He served as... more »

Émile Nouguier

Émile Nouguier was a French civil engineer and architect. He is famous for co-designing the... more »

Émile Servais

Émile Servais was a Luxembourgian left liberal politician. He was an engineer by profession. On... more »

Emilio Ejercito

Emilio Ejercito was an engineer. more »

Emílio Henrique Baumgart

Emílio Henrique Baumgart or Emil Heinrich Baumgart was a Brazilian engineer. more »

Emilio Herrera Linares

Emilio Herrera Linares was a Spanish military engineer. He graduated from the military academy... more »

Emily Warren Roebling

Emily Warren Roebling was married to Washington Roebling, a civil engineer who was Chief... more »

Emmet D. Boyle

Emmet Derby Boyle was an American politician. He was the 13th Governor of Nevada. He was a... more »

Emory Leon Chaffee

Emory Leon Chaffee was an American physicist and a former professor at Harvard University from... more »

Emory S. Land

Vice Admiral Emory Scott Land was an officer in the United States Navy, noted for his... more »

Engebret Soot

Engebret Soot is known as the father of the Halden Canal in Norway. He constructed locks and... more »

Engelbert Zaschka

Engelbert Zaschka was a German chief engineer, chief designer and inventor. more »

Enrico Benzing

Enrico Benzing is an Italian engineer and journalist, son of the writer Mario Benzing. He wrote... more »

Enrico Forlanini

Enrico Forlanini was an Italian engineer, inventor and aeronautical pioneer, well known for his... more »

Enrique Mosconi

Enrique Carlos Alberto Mosconi was an Argentine military engineer, who is best known as the... more »

Epimachus of Athens

Epimachus of Athens was a renowned Athenian engineer and architect who is known to have... more »

Erasmus Darwin Leavitt, Jr.

Erasmus Darwin Leavitt, Jr., also known as E. D. Leavitt, was a noted American mechanical... more »

Eric Ash

Sir Eric Albert Ash, CBE, FRS, FREng, FIET is a distinguished German-born British electrical... more »

Éric Carreel

Éric Carreel, is a French engineer and serial entrepreneur. He is the founding president of... more »

Eric Eastwood

Sir Eric Eastwood FRS, CBE was a British scientist and engineer who helped develop radar... more »

Eric Fawcett

Eric Fawcett, was a professor of physics at the University of Toronto for 23 years. He also... more »

Eric Gast

Eric M. Gast is an American music industry professional - record producer, mixer, engineer, and... more »

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