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Tomáš Čermák

Tomáš Čermák is a Czech engineer and rector of VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava. more »

Tomlinson Holman

Tomlinson M. Holman is an American film theorist, audio engineer, and inventor of film... more »

Tommaso Francini

Tommaso Francini, Thomas Francine in France, and his younger brother Alessandro Francini were... more »

Tommaso Toffoli

Tommaso Toffoli is a professor of electrical and computer engineering at Boston University where... more »

Tommy Flowers

Thomas "Tommy" Harold Flowers, MBE was a British engineer. During World War II, Flowers designed... more »

Tommy Graham

Thomas "Tommy" Graham is a Scottish former Labour Party politician. A native of Glasgow, Graham... more »

Tomohiro Nishikado

Tomohiro Nishikado is a Japanese video game developer. He is best known as the creator of the... more »

Tony Bongiovi

Anthony C. Bongiovi è un produttore discografico e ingegnere del suono statunitense. È noto per... more »

Tony Cohen

Tony Cohen is an Australian record producer and sound engineer based in Melbourne, best known... more »

Tony Fadell

Anthony Michael "Tony" Fadell is a Lebanese American inventor, designer, entrepreneur, and angel... more »

Tony Fitzpatrick

Anthony James Fitzpatrick FREng HonFRIBA was an eminent structural engineer and director of Arup. more »

Tony Fulton

Tony Fulton is a former member of the Nebraska Legislature from Lincoln, Nebraska. Born in... more »

Tony Hayward

Anthony Bryan "Tony" Hayward is a British businessman, the former chief executive of oil and... more »

Tony Hoffer

Tony Hoffer is an American producer, guitarist, and music mixer who is credited for his work on... more »

Toralf Westermoen

Toralf Westermoen was a pioneer for the development of high speed craft in Norway. Westermoen... more »

Torger Nergård

Torger Nergård is a Norwegian curler. more »

Torsten Schippe

Torsten Schippe is a retired German international rugby union player and, from August 2010 to... more »

Toshiwo Doko

Toshiwo Doko was a Japanese engineer born in Mitsu District, Okayama. Manager and President of... more »

Traian Vuia

Traian Vuia was a Romanian inventor and aviation pioneer who designed, built and tested a... more »

Traugott Sandmeyer

Traugott Sandmeyer was a Swiss chemist after whom the Sandmeyer reaction, which he discovered... more »

Trevor A Kletz

Trevor Kletz, OBE, FREng, FRSC, was a prolific British author on the topic of chemical... more »

Trevor Blackwell

Trevor Blackwell is a computer programmer, engineer and entrepreneur based in Silicon... more »

Trevor Wadley

Trevor Lloyd Wadley, was a South African electrical engineer, best known for his development of... more »

Truman H. Aldrich

Truman Heminway Aldrich was a civil engineer, a mining company executive, and a paleontologist,... more »

Tryggve Fossum

Tryggve Fossum is a Norwegian computer architect at Intel. He transferred there from DEC, where... more »

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