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Eugene Augustin Lauste

Eugène Augustin Lauste was a French inventor instrumental in the technological development of... more »

Eugene Bourdon

Eugène Bourdon è stato un ingegnere e orologiaio francese. Nel 1849 inventò il manometro... more »

Eugene Kaspersky

Eugene Kaspersky is a Russian specialist in the information security field. He heads the global... more »

Eugene Williams, Sr.

Eugene Williams, Sr. is an author, educator, and inventor who was born on November 23, 1942 in... more »

Evan Leigh

Evan Leigh was an author, inventor, engineer and manufacturer of cotton spinning equipment. His... more »

Everard Calthrop

Everard Richard Calthrop was a British railway engineer and inventor. Calthrop was a notable... more »

Everard Mott Williams

Dr Everard Mott Williams, noted scientist and educator, was born in New Haven, Connecticut. He... more »

Ezra Warner

Ezra J. Warner of Waterbury, Connecticut was an American inventor, who patented his design of a... more »

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