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Branislav Petronievic

Branislav Petronievic is a Serbian philosopher and mathematician. more »

Branko Grünbaum

Branko Grünbaum is a Croatian-born mathematician and a professor emeritus at the University of... more »

Brian Bowditch

Brian Hayward Bowditch is a British mathematician known for his contributions to geometry and... more »

Brian Conrad

Brian Conrad, is an American mathematician and number theorist, working at Stanford University... more »

Brian Conrey

John Brian Conrey is an American mathematician and the executive director of the American... more »

Brian Goodwin

Brian Carey Goodwin was a Canadian mathematician and biologist, a Professor Emeritus at the Open... more »

Brian Hartley

Brian Hartley was a British mathematician specialising in group theory. Hartley's Ph.D. thesis... more »

Brian Joseph Cantwell

Brian J Cantwell is the Edward C. Wells Professor in the School of Engineering at Stanford... more »

Brie Gertler

Brie Gertler is a philosopher who works primarily on problems in the philosophy of mind. A... more »

Brigitte Vallée

Brigitte Vallée is a French mathematician and computer scientist. She entered the École Normale... more »

Brook Taylor

Brook Taylor FRS was an English mathematician who is best known for Taylor's theorem and the... more »

Brooke Benjamin

Thomas Brooke Benjamin, FRS was an English mathematical physicist and mathematician, best known... more »

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita is a political scientist, professor at New York University, and senior... more »

Bruce C. Berndt

Bruce Carl Berndt is an American mathematician. Berndt attended college at Albion College,... more »

Bruce Kleiner

Bruce Alan Kleiner is an American mathematician, working in differential geometry and topology... more »

Bruce Randall Donald

Bruce Randall Donald is a professor in Duke University. He is the son of American historian... more »

Bruce Reed

Bruce Alan Reed FRSC is a Canadian mathematician and computer scientist, the Canada Research... more »

Bruno Augenstein

Bruno Wilhelm Augenstein was a German-born mathematician and physicist who made important... more »

Bruno Buchberger

Bruno Buchberger is Professor of Computer Mathematics at Johannes Kepler University in Linz,... more »

Bruno de Finetti

Bruno de Finetti was an Italian probabilist, statistician and actuary, noted for the... more »

Bryan John Birch

Bryan John Birch F.R.S. is a British mathematician. His name has been given to the Birch and... more »

Bryant Tuckerman

Louis Bryant Tuckerman, III was an American mathematician, born in Lincoln, Nebraska. He was a... more »

Bryson of Heraclea

Bryson of Heraclea was an ancient Greek mathematician and sophist who contributed to solving the... more »

Burt Totaro

Burt James Totaro, FRS, is an American mathematician at University of Cambridge and UCLA,... more »

Burton Rodin

Burt Rodin is an American mathematician known for his research in conformal mapping and Riemann... more »

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