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Levina Teerlinc

Levina Teerlinc was a Flemish Renaissance miniaturist who served as a painter to the English... more »

Levon Manaseryan

Levon Manaseryan is an Armenian artist and university professor. more »

Lewis Miller

Lewis Miller is an Australian painter and visual artist, known for his portraits and figurative... more »

Lewis Parker

Lewis Parker was a Canadian painter who specializes in historical scenes and North American... more »

Lewis Teague

R. Lewis Teague was a renowned American painter. The youngest son of Industrial Designer Walter... more »

Lia Halloran

Lia Halloran is an American painter and photographer who lives and works in Los Angeles. more »

Liberale da Verona

Liberale da Verona was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, active mainly in Verona. He... more »

Lidija Meškaitytė

Lidija Meškaitytė was a Lithuanian painter. more »

Līga Purmale

Līga Purmale is a Latvian painter. At a young age she moved to Riga from the Latvian countryside... more »

Lili Árkayné Sztehló

Lili Árkayné Sztehló was a Hungarian painter and artist best known for her stained glass window... more »

Lilija Eugenija Jasiūnaitė

Lilija Eugenija Jasiūnaitė is a Lithuanian painter and textile artist. Her work has been shown... more »

Lilla Cabot Perry

Lilla Cabot Perry was an American artist who worked in the Impressionist style, rendering... more »

Lima de Freitas

Lima de Freitas was a Portuguese painter, illustrator, ceramicist and writer. He studied at the... more »

Lin Fengmian

Lin Fengmian, originally Lin Fengming, was a Chinese painter and is considered a pioneer of... more »

Linda Obermoeller

Linda Obermoeller was an American painter known for her watercolor portraits. During her career... more »

Linda Sutton

Linda Sutton is a British painter. She was born in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. She studied at... more »

Lindsay Dawson

Lindsay Dawson is an internationally collected American painter and a frequent guest on the Fine... more »

Lionel Edwards

Lionel Edwards was a British artist who specialized in painting horses and other aspects of... more »

Lionel Royer

Lionel-Noël Royer was a French painter. He was most famous for painting large scenes of the life... more »

Lionel Walden

Lionel Walden was an American painter active in Hawaii, Cornwall, and France. more »

Lionello Bononi

Lionello Bononi was an Italian of the Baroque period. He was the nephew and pupil of Carlo... more »

Lippo Memmi

Lippo Memmi was an Italian painter from Siena. He was the foremost follower of Simone Martini,... more »

Lippo Vanni

Lippo Vanni was a 14th century Italian who was active in his native Siena. A miniaturist who... more »

Lique Schoot

Lique Schoot is a Dutch visual artist who is preoccupied with the self-portrait in a... more »

Lisa Adams

Lisa Adams is an American painter who emerged in the mid 1980s. She is best known for her oil... more »

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