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Lisa Bradley

Lisa Bradley is an American artist who has been exhibiting for over thirty years at galleries... more »

Lisa Milroy

Lisa Milroy RA is an Anglo-Canadian artist known for her still life paintings of everyday... more »

Lisa Wenger

Lisa Wenger was a Swiss painter. more »

Lisa Yuskavage

Lisa Yuskavage is a contemporary American painter who lives and works in New York City. Her... more »

Lisi Raskin

Lisi Raskin is a New York based artist known for creating large-scale, architectural... more »

Litsa Spathi

Litsa Spathi is a painter, visual poet, performer, Intermedia and Fluxus artist, currently... more »

Liu Chi-hsiang

Liu Chi-hsiang is a Taiwanese painter. He was born in Liuying, Tainan County, in the period of... more »

Liu Guosong

Liu Kuo-sung is a Chinese artist based in Shanghai and Taoyuan, Taiwan. Liu is widely regarded... more »

Liudas Vilimas

Liudas Vilimas was a Lithuanian painter. His works included book illustrations, theatrical... more »

Livio Agresti

Livio Agresti, also called Ritius or Ricciutello, was an Italian painter of the late Renaissance... more »

Livio Mehus

Livio Mehus was an Flemish painter and engraver of the Baroque period, active mainly in... more »

Ljubica Sokić

Ljubica Cuca Sokić was a Serbian painter. She was born in Bitola. She attended the high school... more »

Ljubinka Jovanović

Ljubinka Jovanović, Beograd, 1922 is a Serbian painter who lives and works in Paris and Belgrade. more »

Ljubomir Popović

Ljubomir Ljuba Popović is a Bosnian-born French surrealist painter. He is renowned for his many... more »

Lloyd Branson

Enoch Lloyd Branson was an American artist best known for his portraits of Southern politicians... more »

Lloyd Rees

Lloyd Frederic Rees AC CMG was an Australian landscape painter who twice won the Wynne Prize for... more »

Lloyd Sexton, Jr.

Lloyd Sexton, Jr., who is also known as Leo Lloyd Sexton, Jr. was an American painter born in... more »

Lo Spagna

Lo Spagna was a painter of the High-Renaissance, active in central Italy. His name was Giovanni... more »

Lodovico Bertucci

Lodovico Bertucci was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, specializing in paintings of... more »

Lodovico Campalastro

Lodovico Campalastro was an Italian painter, born and active in Ferrara, where he painted a... more »

Lodovico Fumicelli

Lodovico Fumicelli was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period. He was a native of Treviso... more »

Lodovico Gallina

Lodovico Gallina was an Italian painter of the Baroque period, mainly active in Brescia. Born to... more »

Lodovico Leoni

Lodovico Leoni was an Italian painter of the Renaissance period, mainly active in Rome. He was... more »

Lois Dodd

Lois Dodd is an American painter. more »

Lois Mailou Jones

Lois Mailou Jones was an artist who painted and influenced others during the Harlem Renaissance... more »

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