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Lorenzo Veneziano

Lorenzo Veneziano was an Italian painter. His earliest altarpiece was painted for the high altar... more »

Lorser Feitelson

Lorser Feitelson was born and raised in New York City but rose to prominence on the West Coast... more »

Lothar Hempel

Lothar Hempel is a German artist based in Berlin. He attended Kunstakademie Düsseldorf from 1987... more »

Lou Albert-Lasard

Lou Albert-Lasard was a painter. In 1914-1916, she had an affair with Austrian poet Rainer Maria... more »

Louay Kayyali

Louay Kayyali, was a Syrian modern artist. more »

Louis Anquetin

Louis Anquetin was a French painter. more »

Louis Aston Knight

Louis Aston Knight was a French-born American artist noted for his paintings of landscapes. One... more »

Louis Béroud

Louis Béroud was a French painter of the late 19th, early 20th century. Some of his painting are... more »

Louis Braun

Louis Braun was a German painter, mostly of battle scenes. more »

Louis D. Fancher

Louis D. Fancher was an American artist and illustrator, notable for his drawings that appeared... more »

Louis de Boullogne

Louis de Boullogne II, known as Boullogne fils, was a French painter. more »

Louis de Caullery

Louis de Caullery was one of the pioneers of the art genre of courtly gatherings in Flemish... more »

Louis Delsarte

Louis J. Delsarte is an African-American artist known for what has sometimes been called his... more »

Louis Dewis

Louis Dewis was a Belgian Post-Impressionist painter, who lived most of his adult life in France. more »

Louis Ducis

Louis Ducis was a French painter and student of Jacques-Louis David. more »

Louis Dumoulin

Louis-Jules Dumoulin was a French artist and painter. He travelled in the Far East and was... more »

Louis Eilshemius

Louis Michel Eilshemius was an American painter, primarily of landscapes and nudes. Although he... more »

Louis Finkelstein

Louis Finkelstein was an American painter, art critic and professor who taught for at Queens... more »

Louis Gallait

Louis Gallait was a Belgian painter he lay at the basis of a revival of history painting in... more »

Louis Galloche

Louis Galloche was a French painter. A student of Louis de Boullogne, his own students included... more »

Louis Héctor Leroux

Louis Héctor Leroux was a French painter in the academic style. more »

Louis Hersent

Louis Hersent was a French painter. Born in Paris, he became a pupil of David, and obtained the... more »

Louis Jean Desprez

Louis Jean Desprez ca 1743–18 March 1804 was a French painter and architect who worked in Sweden... more »

Louis Joseph César Ducornet

Louis Joseph César Ducornet was a French painter. Ducornet was born without arms; he painted... more »

Louis Kronberg

Louis Kronberg was an American figure painter, art dealer, advisor, and teacher. Among his... more »

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