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Paul Emsley

Paul Emsley is an artist who worked in South Africa until 1996 and is now resident in... more »

Paul Falconer Poole

Paul Falconer Poole was an English subject and genre painter born in Bristol. more »

Paul Feeley

Paul Feeley was an artist and director of the Art Department at Bennington College during the... more »

Paul Freud

Paul Freud, is a British painter. more »

Paul Gustave Fischer

Paul Gustav Fischer was a Danish painter. Paul Fischer belongs to the fourth generation of... more »

Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey is a British musician and Stuckist artist, whose work was used to promote their 2004... more »

Paul Huet

Paul Huet was a French painter and printmaker born in Paris. He studied under Gros and Guerin... more »

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, is a watercolorist in Columbia, Missouri. Jackson was inducted as a signature... more »

Paul Jamin

Paul Joseph Jamin was a French painter of the Academic Classicism school. more »

Paul Jean Clays

Paul Jean Clays, Belgian artist, was born at Bruges, and died at Brussels. In 1851 he made his... more »

Paul Jenkins

Paul Jenkins was an American abstract expressionist painter. more »

Paul Kane

Paul Kane was an Irish-born Canadian painter, famous for his paintings of First Nations peoples... more »

Paul Klee

Paul Klee was a painter born in Münchenbuchsee, Switzerland, and is considered to be a Swiss... more »

Paul Mansouroff

Paul Andréevitch Mansouroff was an understated painter of the Russian avant-garde movement of... more »

Paul Meltsner

Paul Raphael Meltsner was an American artist who was widely recognized for his Works Progress... more »

Paul Merwart

Paul Merwart or Paweł Merwart was a French-Polish painter. His father was a Frenchman living in... more »

Paul Monnier

Paul Monnier was a Swiss painter. more »

Paul Nash

Paul Nash was a British surrealist painter and war artist, as well as a photographer, writer and... more »

Paul Păun

Paul Păun or Paúl Yvenez was a Romanian Surrealist artist and writer, as well as a trained... more »

Paul Peel

Paul Peel was a Canadian academic painter. Having won a medal at the 1890 Paris Salon, he became... more »

Paul Philippoteaux

Paul Philippoteaux was a French artist. He is best known for a cyclorama of the Battle of... more »

Paul Ranson

Paul Ranson was a French painter and writer. Paul-Elie Ranson was born in Limoges and studied at... more »

Paul Reid

Paul Reid is a Scottish painter who works in a figurative style. He was chosen by New Statesman... more »

Paul Rohland

Paul Hermann Rohland (1884 – 1953) was an American painter. more »

Paul Sandby

Paul Sandby RA was an English map-maker turned landscape painter in watercolours, who, along... more »

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