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Herillus of Chalcedon, was a Stoic philosopher and a pupil of Zeno of Citium. more »

Hermagoras of Amphipolis

Hermagoras of Amphipolis was a Stoic philosopher, student of Cypriot Persaeus, in the court of... more »

Herman Bavinck

Herman Bavinck was a Dutch Reformed theologian and churchman. more »

Herman Dooyeweerd

Herman Dooyeweerd was a Dutch juridical scholar by training, who by vocation was a philosopher... more »

Herman of Carinthia

Herman Dalmatin or Herman of Carinthia, also known in Latin as Sclavus Dalmata, Secundus, was a... more »

Herman Oliphant

Herman Oliphant was a professor of law. He started at the University of Chicago, going to... more »

Herman Philipse

Herman Philipse is a professor of philosophy at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. From 1986... more »

Herman Van Breda

Herman Leo Van Breda was a Franciscan, philosopher and founder of the Husserl Archives at the... more »

Hermann Cohen

Hermann Cohen was a German-Jewish philosopher, one of the founders of the Marburg School of... more »

Hermann Conring

Hermann Conring was a German intellectual. He made significant contributions to the study of... more »

Hermann Friedmann

Adolph Hermann Friedmann was a Polish-German philosopher and jurist. more »

Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Hinrichs

Hermann Friedrich Wilhelm Hinrichs was a German philosopher. He studied theology at Strassburg,... more »

Hermann Graf Keyserling

Hermann Alexander Graf Keyserling was a philosopher from the wealthy aristocratic Baltic German... more »

Hermann Heller

Hermann Heller was a German legal scholar and philosopher of Jewish descent. He was active in... more »

Hermann Lotze

Rudolf Hermann Lotze was a German philosopher and logician. He also had a medical degree and was... more »

Hermann Samuel Reimarus

Hermann Samuel Reimarus, was a German philosopher and writer of the Enlightenment who is... more »

Hermann Schwarz

Hermann Schwarz was a German philosopher. Educated at Halle, where he devoted himself to... more »

Hermann Ulrici

Hermann Ulrici was a German philosopher. He was co-editor of the philosophical journal... more »

Hermann Weyl

Hermann Klaus Hugo Weyl, ForMemRS was a German mathematician, theoretical physicist and... more »


Hermarchus or Hermarch, sometimes incorrectly written Hermachus, was an Epicurean philosopher... more »


Hermias was a Neoplatonist philosopher who was born in Alexandria c. 410 AD. He went to Athens... more »


Herminus was a Peripatetic philosopher. He lived in the first half of the 2nd century. He... more »

Hermippus of Smyrna

Hermippus of Smyrna, a Peripatetic philosopher, surnamed by the ancient writers the... more »

Heron Santana

Heron José de Santana Gordilho, também conhecido como Heron Santana, é professor de Direito... more »

Hervaeus Natalis

Hervaeus Natalis was a Dominican theologian, the 14th Master of the Dominicans, and the author... more »

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