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Hayden White

Hayden White is a historian in the tradition of literary criticism, perhaps most famous for his... more »

Hayim Greenberg

Hayim Greenberg was a US Judaism thinker and Labor Zionist thinker. He was the head of poalei... more »

Haymo of Faversham

Haymo of Faversham, O.F.M., was an English Franciscan and scholar of Scholasticism, born at... more »

He Yan

He Yan was a politician and prominent philosopher of Wei, one of the Three Kingdoms. His style... more »

Hecataeus of Abdera

Hecataeus of Abdera or of Teos, was a Greek historian and sceptic philosopher who flourished in... more »

Hecato of Rhodes

Hecato or Hecaton of Rhodes was a Stoic philosopher. He was a native of Rhodes, and a disciple... more »

Hector Avalos

Hector Avalos is a professor of Religious Studies at Iowa State University and the author of... more »

Hector Boece

Hector Boece, known in Latin as Hector Boecius or Boethius, was a Scottish philosopher and first... more »

Hector Zagal

Héctor Jesús Zagal Arreguín is a Mexican philosopher, essayist and novelist. As a scholar he... more »

Hector-Neri Castañeda

Héctor-Neri Castañeda was a Guatemalan philosopher and founder of the journal Noûs. Born in San... more »

Hegesias of Cyrene

Hegesias of Cyrene was a Cyrenaic philosopher. He argued that happiness is impossible to... more »

Hegesinus of Pergamon

Hegesinus, of Pergamon, an Academic philosopher, the successor of Evander and the immediate... more »

Heinrich Bernhard Oppenheim

Heinrich Bernhard Oppenheim was a German publicist and philosopher concerned with the ideas of... more »

Heinrich Blücher

Heinrich Blücher was a German poet and philosopher. He was the second husband of Hannah... more »

Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm Sigwart

Heinrich Christoph Wilhelm von Sigwart was a German philosopher and logician. He was the father... more »

Heinrich Czolbe

Heinrich Czolbe was a German physician and one of the major proponents of scientific materialism... more »

Heinrich Gomperz

Heinrich Gomperz was an Austrian philosopher. He was a son of Theodor Gomperz. He was a Sigmund... more »

Heinrich Hertz

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz was a German physicist who first conclusively proved the existence of... more »

Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus

Heinrich Moritz Chalybäus was a German philosopher best known for his exegetical work on... more »

Heinrich Paulus

Heinrich Eberhard Gottlob Paulus was a German theologian and critic of the Bible. He is known as... more »

Heinrich Rickert

Heinrich John Rickert was a German philosopher, one of the leading Neo-Kantians. more »

Heinrich Ritter

Heinrich Ritter was a German philosopher. He was born at Zerbst, and studied philosophy and... more »

Heinz Cassirer

Heinrich Walter Cassirer was a Kantian philosopher, the son of a famous German philosopher,... more »

Heinz Heimsoeth

Heinz Heimsoeth was a German historian of philosophy. Heimsoeth began his studies at Heidelberg... more »

Helen Longino

Helen E. Longino is an American philosopher of science who has argued for the significance of... more »

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