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Hans Kopfermann

Hans Kopfermann was a German atomic and nuclear physicist. He devoted his entire career to... more »

Hans Kramers

Hendrik Anthony "Hans" Kramers was a Dutch physicist who worked with Niels Bohr to understand... more »

Hans Schlegel

Hans Wilhelm Schlegel is a German physicist, an ESA astronaut, and a veteran of two NASA Space... more »

Hans Suess

Hans Eduard Suess was an Austrian born American physical chemist and nuclear physicist. He was a... more »

Hans Thirring

Hans Thirring was an Austrian theoretical physicist, professor, and father of the physicist... more »

Hans von Halban

Hans Heinrich von Halban was a French physicist, of Austrian-Jewish descent. more »

Hans von Ohain

Hans Joachim Pabst von Ohain was a German engineer, and designer of the first operational jet... more »

Hans Wolter

Hans Wolter was a German physicist who designed an aplanatic system of grazing incidence mirrors... more »

Hans Ziegler

Hans Ziegler was born in Winterthur, Switzerland, on 5 September 1910, and died in Estes Park,... more »

Hans-Hermann Hupfeld

Gustav Theodor Hans Hermann Hupfeld was a German physicist known for his work on the scattering... more »

Hantaro Nagaoka

Hantaro Nagaoka was a Japanese physicist and a pioneer of Japanese physics during the Meiji period. more »

Harald Herborg Nielsen

Harald Herborg Nielsen was an American physicist. He was born in Menominee, Michigan to... more »

Harald Keres

Harald Keres was an Estonian physicist considered to be the father of the Estonian school of... more »

Harald Rose

Harald Rose is a German physicist. Rose received in 1964 his physics Diplom in theoretical... more »

Harald Schering

Harald Schering was a German physicist born in Göttingen. He studied physics at the University... more »


Harish-Chandra FRS was an Indian American mathematician and physicist who did fundamental work... more »

Harlan True Stetson

Harlan True Stetson was an American astronomer and physicist. He earned a B.S. from Brown... more »

Harley Rutledge

Dr. Harley D. Rutledge was a U.S. physics professor, and ufologist. more »

Harold A. Zahl

Harold A. Zahl was an American physicist who had a 35-year career with the U.S. Army Signal... more »

Harold Brown

Harold Brown, American scientist, was U.S. Secretary of Defense from 1977 to 1981 in the cabinet... more »

Harold E. Johns

Harold Elford Johns, OC was a Canadian medical physicist, noted for his extensive contributions... more »

Harold E. Puthoff

Harold E. Puthoff is an American physicist and parapsychologist. more »

Harold Furth

Harold Paul Furth was an Austrian-American physicist. Furth emigrated to the United States in... more »

Harold Hopkins

Harold Horace Hopkins FRS was a renowned British physicist. His Wave Theory of Aberrations, is... more »

Harold L. Brode

Harold L. Brode is a nuclear weapons effects physicist who pioneered computer simulations of... more »

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