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Harold Max Rosenberg

Harold Max Rosenberg, was a distinguished experimental physicist who is notable for two... more »

Harold McMaster

Harold A. McMaster was an inventor with over 100 patents and entrepreneur who founded four... more »

Harold Neville Vazeille Temperley

Harold Neville Vazeille Temperley is a mathematical physicist working on "lattice gases". His... more »

Harold R. Kaufman

Harold R. Kaufman is an American physicist, noted for his development of electrostatic ion... more »

Harold Urey

Harold Clayton Urey was an American physical chemist whose pioneering work on isotopes earned... more »

Harrie Massey

Sir Harrie Stewart Wilson Massey FRS was an influential Australian mathematical physicist. He... more »

Harriet Brooks

Harriet Brooks was the first Canadian woman nuclear physicist. She is most famous for her... more »

Harrison Brown

Harrison Brown was an American physicist and geochemist. In 1941 he received a doctorate in... more »

Harry Boot

Henry Albert Howard "Harry" Boot was an English physicist who with Sir John Randall and James... more »

Harry K. Daghlian, Jr.

Haroutune Krikor Daghlian, Jr. was an Armenian American physicist with the Manhattan Project who... more »

Harry Kroger

Harry Kroger is an American physicist and electrical engineer. He used to be a Bartle professor... more »

Harry Lehmann

Harry Lehmann was a German physicist. Lehmann studied physics at Rostock and the... more »

Harry Palevsky

Harry Palevsky was a physicist. more »

Harry Swinney

Harry L. Swinney is an American physicist noted for his contributions to the field of nonlinear... more »

Harry Zvi Tabor

Harry Zvi Tabor is an Israeli physicist. He is known as the father of Israeli solar energy. He... more »

Hartland Snyder

Hartland Sweet Snyder was a physicist who along with Robert Oppenheimer calculated the... more »

Harutaro Murakami

Harutaro Murakami was a Japanese physicist and astronomer. The crater Murakami on the Moon is... more »

Harvey Brooks

Dr. Harvey Brooks was an American physicist, "a pioneer in incorporating science into public... more »

Harvey Einbinder

Dr. Harvey Einbinder, an American physicist and amateur historian, spent five years combing the... more »

Harvey Fletcher

Harvey Fletcher was an American physicist. Known as the "father of stereophonic sound" he is... more »

Hassan Aref

Hassan Aref was the Reynolds Metals Professor in the Department of Engineering Science and... more »

Hassan Jawahery

Hassan Jawahery is an Iranian-American physicist and former spokesperson for the BaBar... more »

Hauke Harder

Hauke Harder is a German composer and experimental physicist. more »

Heather Reid

Heather Reid OBE CPhys FinstP, known affectionately by her fans as "Heather the Weather", is a... more »

Hedwig Kohn

Hedwig Kohn, was a pioneer in physics and one of only three women who obtained Habilitation in... more »

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