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Sergey Khristianovich

Sergey Alekseyevich Khristianovich was a mechanics scientist from the Soviet Union. He was a... more »

Sergey Nikitin

Sergey Yakovlevich Nikitin is a prominent Soviet and Russian bard, composer, and biophysicist... more »

Sergio Ferrara

Sergio Ferrara is an Italian physicist working on theoretical physics of elementary particles... more »

Sergio Focardi

Sergio Focardi was an Italian physicist and professor emeritus at the University of Bologna. He... more »

Sérgio Mascarenhas de Oliveira

Sérgio Mascarenhas de Oliveira is a noted Brazilian experimental physicist, educator and... more »

Sergiu Rădăuţan

Sergiu Radautan was a Moldovan physicist. He was a member of Moldovan Academy of Sciences and... more »

Serguei Krasnikov

Serguei Vladilenovich Krasnikov is a Russian physicist holding a Ph.D. in physics and... more »

Seth Neddermeyer

Seth Henry Neddermeyer was an American physicist who co-discovered the muon, and later... more »

Seymour Benzer

Seymour Benzer was an American physicist, molecular biologist and behavioral geneticist. His... more »

Shahn Majid

Born in 1960 in Patna, Bihar, India Shahn Majid is an English pure mathematician and theoretical... more »

Shahriar Afshar

Shahriar Sadigh Afshar is an Iranian-American physicist and a multiple award-winning inventor... more »

Shamit Kachru

Shamit Kachru is a string theorist and a professor of physics at Stanford University and at... more »

Shannon Walker

Shannon Walker is an American scientist and a NASA astronaut, whose first space mission was... more »

Shaukat Hameed Khan

Shaukat Hameed Khan, is a Pakistani nuclear physicist and a senior professor of nuclear physics... more »

Shawn Carlson

Shawn Carlson is an American physicist, science writer, and an innovator in science,... more »

Sheldon Lee Glashow

Sheldon Lee Glashow is a Nobel Prize winning American theoretical physicist. He is the Metcalf... more »

Shen Chun-shan

Shen Chun-shan is a retired academic in Taiwan, most noted for his position as the former head... more »

Shigeo Satomura

Shigeo Satomura was a Japanese physicist credited with introducing the ultrasonic Doppler... more »

Shiraz Minwalla

Shiraz Naval Minwalla is an Indian theoretical physicist and string theorist. He is a faculty... more »

Shirley Ann Jackson

Shirley Ann Jackson is an American physicist, and the eighteenth president of the Rensselaer... more »

Shoichi Sakata

Shoichi Sakata was a Japanese academic and physicist who was internationally known for... more »

Shu Xingbei

Shu Xingbei, was an educator and leading physicist in China. more »

Sidney Altman

Sidney Altman is a Canadian American molecular biologist, who is the Sterling Professor of... more »

Sidney Coleman

Sidney Richard Coleman was an American theoretical physicist who studied under Murray Gell-Mann... more »

Sidney Dancoff

Sidney Michael Dancoff was an American theoretical physicist best known for the Tamm–Dancoff... more »

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