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Dan Sperber

Dan Sperber is a French social and cognitive scientist. His most influential work has been in... more »

Daphne Berdahl

Daphne Berdahl was an anthropologist known for her work on Eastern Germany and Post-socialist... more »

Daris Swindler

Daris Ray Swindler was an American anthropologist. more »

Darrell A. Posey

Darrell Addison Posey was an American anthropologist and biologist who vitalized the study of... more »

David G. Mandelbaum

David Goodman Mandelbaum was an American anthropologist. He majored in anthropology at... more »

David Gilmore

David Gilmore is a 2002 Guggenheim Fellow in Humanities. more »

David Graeber

David Rolfe Graeber is an American anthropologist, author, anarchist and activist who is... more »

David H. French

David Heath French was an American anthropologist and linguist from Bend, Oregon. During his... more »

David M. Rosen

David M. Rosen is an American anthropologist. Rosen holds a J.D. from Pace University School of... more »

David M. Schneider

David Murray Schneider was an American cultural anthropologist, best known for his studies of... more »

David R. Harris

David Russell Harris FBA was a British geographer, anthropologist, archaeologist and academic,... more »

David Stoll

David Stoll is an American anthropologist. In his book Rigoberta Menchú and the Story of All... more »

David Zolotarev

David Alekseevich Zolotarev was a Russian anthropologist and ethnographer who studied the tribal... more »

Davydd Greenwood

Davydd Greenwood is the Goldwin Smith Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Institute... more »

Dawn Prince-Hughes

Dawn Prince-Hughes is an anthropologist, primatologist, and ethologist who received her M.A. and... more »

Dean Falk

Dean Falk is an American academic anthropologist who specializes in the evolution of the brain... more »

Deborah Fouts

Deborah Fouts is Director of the Chimpanzee and Human Communication Institute. CHCI is the home... more »

Deborah Goleman

Deborah Goleman is the mother of Naomi Wolf. more »

Dell Hymes

Dell Hathaway Hymes was a linguist, sociolinguist, anthropologist, and folklorist who... more »

Dennis Tedlock

Dennis Tedlock is the McNulty Professor of English and Research Professor of Anthropology at the... more »

Derek Freeman

John Derek Freeman was a New Zealand anthropologist best known for his criticism of Margaret... more »

Dia Cha

Dia Cha is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies at St. Cloud State University,... more »

Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey was an American zoologist who undertook an extensive study of gorilla groups over a... more »

Diane Bell

Diane Robin Bell is a pioneering Australian feminist anthropologist, author and activist,... more »

Didier Fassin

Didier Fassin is the James Wolfensohn Professor of Social Science at the Institute for Advanced... more »

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