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B. R. Ambedkar

Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar, popularly also known as Babasaheb, was an Indian jurist, politician,... more »

Barbara Myerhoff

Barbara Myerhoff, anthropologist, filmmaker, and founder of the Center for Visual Anthropology... more »

Barbara Rylko-Bauer

Barbara Rylko-Bauer is an anthropologist and a professor at Michigan State University's... more »

Barrik Van Winkle

Barrik Van Winkle is an American linguistic and legal anthropologist who has done research on... more »

Ben Finney

Ben Rudolph Finney is an American anthropologist known for his expertise in the history and... more »

Benjamin Lee Whorf

Benjamin Lee Whorf was an American linguist and fire prevention engineer. Whorf is widely known... more »

Bernard Arcand

Bernard Arcand was a French-Canadian anthropologist, author and communicator. He was a retired... more »

Bernard Cohn

Bernard S. Cohn was an anthropologist and scholar of British colonialism in India, primarily... more »

Berthold Laufer

Berthold Laufer was an anthropologist and historical geographer with an expertise in East Asian... more »

Bonnie Nardi

Bonnie Nardi is an American anthropologist whose most recent work concerns virtual worlds. Her... more »

Boubacar Kone

Boubacar Kone, husband of CCH Pounder, is an anthropologist. more »

Brandon Kohrt

Brandon Kohrt is a screenwriter and anthropologist. more »

Brent Berlin

Overton Brent Berlin is an American anthropologist, most noted for his work with linguist Paul... more »

Brent Galloway

Brent D. Galloway is an American linguist noted for his work with endangered Amerindian... more »

Brian J. McVeigh

Brian J. McVeigh is a scholar of Asia who specializes in Japanese pop art, education, politics,... more »

Bruce Elliot Tapper

Bruce Elliot Tapper is a Telugu anthropologist and writer. He has published numerous articles on... more »

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