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E. Adamson Hoebel

E. Adamson Hoebel was Regents Professor Emeritus of anthropology at the University of Minnesota... more »

E. E. Evans-Pritchard

Sir Edward Evan "E. E." Evans-Pritchard was an English anthropologist who was instrumental in... more »

Earnest Hooton

Earnest Albert Hooton was a U.S. physical anthropologist known for his work on racial... more »

Edgar Lee Hewett

Edgar Lee Hewett was an American archaeologist and anthropologist whose focus was the Native... more »

Edgar Thurston

Edgar Thurston CIE was a superintendent at the Madras Government Museum who contributed to... more »

Edmund Snow Carpenter

Edmund "Ted" Snow Carpenter was an anthropologist best known for his work on tribal art and... more »

Edward Burnett Tylor

Sir Edward Burnett Tylor, was an English anthropologist. Tylor is representative of cultural... more »

Edward Dozier

Edward Pasqual Dozier was a Pueblo Native American anthropologist and linguist who studied... more »

Edward S. Morse

Edward Sylvester Morse was an American zoologist and orientalist. more »

Edward Sapir

Edward Sapir was an American anthropologist-linguist, who is widely-considered to be one of the... more »

Edward T. Hall

Edward Twitchell Hall, Jr. was an American anthropologist and cross-cultural researcher. He is... more »

Edward W. Moser

Edward W. Moser was an American linguist and expert in the Seri language and culture working... more »

Edward William Brabrook

Sir Edward William Brabrook C.B. F.S.A. was a civil servant and author, and an anthropologist... more »

Edward Winslow Gifford

Edward Winslow Gifford devoted his life to studying California Indian ethnography as a professor... more »

Eleanor Leacock

Eleanor "Happy" Leacock was an American theorist of anthropology, focusing on the issue of... more »

Elisabetta Caraccia

Elisabetta Caraccia is an anthropologist and the partner of actor Ray Stevenson. more »

Elizabeth Brumfiel

Elizabeth M. Brumfiel was an American archaeologist who taught at Northwestern University and... more »

Elizabeth Jacobs

Elizabeth Derr Jacobs was an anthropologist specializing in the native cultures of the Pacific... more »

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas is an American author. She has published fiction and non-fiction books... more »

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea

Elizabeth Warnock Fernea was an influential writer and filmmaker who spent much of her life in... more »

Ella Cara Deloria

Ella Cara Deloria, also called Aŋpétu Wašté Wiŋ, was an educator, anthropologist, ethnographer,... more »

Ellen Dissanayake

Ellen Dissanayake is an independent scholar whose work focuses on the anthropological... more »

Elman Service

Elman Rogers Service was an American cultural anthropologist. more »

Elsie Clews Parsons

Elsie Worthington Clews Parsons was an American anthropologist, sociologist, folklorist, and... more »

Emily Martin

Emily Martin is a sinologist, anthropologist, and feminist. Currently, she is a professor of... more »

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