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Antonio da Ponte

Antonio da Ponte was a Swiss-born Venetian architect and engineer, most famous for his... more »

Antonio da Sangallo the Elder

Antonio da Sangallo the Elder was an Italian Renaissance architect who specialized in the design... more »

Antonio da Sangallo the Younger

Antonio da Sangallo the Younger, born Antonio Cordiani, was an Italian architect active during... more »

Antonio Labacco

Antonio Labacco was a 16th-century architect, engraver, and writer about the architecture of... more »

Antonio Lasciac

Antonio Lasciac was an Italian architect, engineer, poet and musician. more »

Antonio Manetti

Antonio Manetti was an Italian mathematician and architect from Florence. He was also the... more »

Antonio Palacios

Antonio Palacios Ramilo was a Spanish architect, born in O Porriño, Galicia. A prolific... more »

Antonio Rinaldi

Antonio Rinaldi was an Italian architect, trained by Luigi Vanvitelli, who worked mainly in... more »

Antonio Rivas Mercado

Antonio Rivas Mercado was a Mexican architect, engineer and restorer. His most notable project... more »

Antonio Sant'Elia

Antonio Sant'Elia was an Italian architect, key member of the Futurist movement in architecture. more »

Antonio Scaglione

Antonio Scaglione was a 16th-century provincial Sicilian architect, best known for his work in... more »

Antonio Visentini

Antonio Visentini was an Italian architectural designer, painter and engraver, known for his... more »

Antonis Vougiouklakis

Antonis Vougiouklakis is an architect. more »

Anwar Hossain

Anwar Hossain is a veteran photographer and cinematographer of Bangladesh. Hossain has written... more »

Anđeo Lovrov Zadranin

Anđeo Lovrov Zadranin was a Croatian architect. more »

Apollinaire Osadca

Apollinaire Osadca, AIA, was a Ukrainian-American architect active in New York City. more »

Apollodorus of Damascus

Apollodorus of Damascus was a Greek engineer, architect, designer and sculptor who flourished... more »


Aniko or Anige was one of the key figures in the arts of Nepal, Tibet, and Yuan China, and the... more »

Arata Endo

Arata Endo (January 1, 1889 - June 29, 1951)was a Japanese architect. He was a disciple of Frank... more »

Arata Isozaki

Arata Isozaki is a Japanese architect from Ōita. He graduated from the University of Tokyo in... more »

Archibald Elliot

Archibald Elliot was a Scottish architect. Archibald Elliot ran an architecture practice in... more »

Archibald Hurley Robinson

Archibald Hurley Robinson F.R.I.B.A., known as Hurley Robinson, was a prolific British architect... more »

Archibald Leitch

Archibald "Archie" Leitch was a Scottish architect, most famous for his work designing football... more »

Archibald Matthias Dunn

Archibald Matthias Dunn FRIBA, JP, born in Wylam in Northumberland, was with his partner Edward... more »

Archibald Simpson

Archibald Simpson was one of the major architects of Aberdeen, which is known as "The Granite City". more »

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